5 Zodiac Signs Get A Fresh Start In Love From Now To May 25, Thanks To The New Moon In Taurus

Every ending also brings a beautiful new beginning.

5 Zodiac Signs Get A Fresh Start In Love From Now To May 25, Thanks To The New Moon In Taurus michaeljung from Getty Images Pro, Nadya, marianabar, dennisdw from Getty Images | Canva Pro

The week of May 6 - 12, the Taurus New Moon ushers in a sensual and soft energy on the 7th that helps you reconnect with your partner, find a new love, and create a beautiful life. The Taurus New Moon creates a brand-new beginning in your relationship where you focus on what you want to grow — instead of on what you don’t.  Venus, the planet of love rules Taurus , and in this earth sign, she seeks to settle your spirit. You can find pleasure in life's simple moments, like watching the sunset with someone you love.


When you slow down and are in the moment with your partner, you develop a deep appreciation for what a union brings to your life. If single, those relationships that come together under a Taurus Moon are often incredibly stable and loving, which can help heal any heartbreaks or wounds from past relationships. 

A New Moon is a time to plant the seeds of intention you hope will grow during the next lunar cycle. With the lunar phase beginning in the sign of Taurus, it guides you to focus more on what you want to bring into your life so that you can fully enjoy the love and connection you have created in it.


5 zodiac signs get a fresh start in love from now to May 25, thanks to the New Moon in Taurus:

1. Scorpio

The Taurus New Moon helps bring a new chapter into your romantic life as this zodiac sign governs your relationships. This is the first New Moon in Taurus after the eclipse cycle wrapped up in Taurus and Scorpio on October 28, 2003, with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Now, it's time to let yourself believe in the beauty of love again. You’ve been busy learning lessons and approaching love more healthily, so let a little magic in. As with anything in life, what you perceive to be true will manifest, so reflect on how you view your partner and matters of the heart if you're single. You can feel empowered to embrace a single life. Growth involves consciously choosing singleness and not attaching negative stories to your relationship status. Don't fear that you’ll always be alone or stereotyping all individuals as feeling a certain way. Embracing a positive and open approach to the process can be healing. With this New Moon, you may attract healing, an old relationship or a magical new love.

You are given a gift — a new beginning in your romantic life. Hold space for the lessons you’ve learned and the magic you desire in love. Remember that, above all, the love that you deserve will come with ease. You never have to fight for the love you deserve.


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2. Aquarius

The New Moon allows you to follow your heart. You can lean into the changes that love brings to your life. Jupiter is still in Taurus for another few weeks before it shifts into Gemini on May 25, so there will still be opportunities for expansion in your home and family life. This also means this beautiful new beginning brought by the New Moon can include quality time at home with your partner, like moving in together or looking for a new place where you both will live. A new moon in your home and family sector will help you embrace this new phase in your relationship. You get to explore the meaning of commitment and closeness and how to make love feel like home.

Try not to let old fears ruin what could be an amazing step in your journey; seize the opportunity instead. You could miss out on an opportunity to make your dreams come true if you fear what may happen should your relationship not work out. While fears are normal in love, it's best not to make decisions based on them. When you do, you could hold your relationship back. Instead, acknowledge your fears. Recognize where they are coming from, and then think of all the logical reasons why you are safe to go, along with plans that lead you toward what you desire most from your relationship. Taurus energy helps you understand what you crave in a committed partnership. While protecting your independence, you still can have someone amazing to return home to at the end of the day. Just focus on your trust in yourself and your partner, and enjoy improving your relationship.


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3. Capricorn

While romantic commitment is often considered marriage, it doesn’t mean your relationship has to be this way. As much as you’re an earth sign, which denotes a certain tendency toward tradition, the New Moon in Taurus helps you to decide which traditions you want to follow and which ones you don't. The New Moon supports the relationship you want and is a perfect new beginning for you and your partner.

The New Moon in Taurus brings about a new beginning in your relationship that carries a theme of greater commitment. You could get engaged or thinking of jetting off for an elopement, or you might explore what it means to commit in a way that feels more aligned with your needs and dreams. Jupiter is still in Taurus until May 25, so there are themes of luck and expansion in this area of your life. With the New Moon, you are encouraged to take more of your own path as you determine what kind of relationship you genuinely want. Be open to the ideas that arise during this time, and talk with your partner about what you are considering. While you could still want to walk down the aisle, this brings a change of plans to existing wedding plans so that you can both have the nuptials that represent the authentic love you share. If you have your wedding planned for during this time, trust that the stars are guiding you and enjoy the celebration of love you have consciously created to begin this beautiful new era in your life.

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4. Virgo

Let yourself believe in all your dreams for love and your relationship. While establishing your connection with practicality and logic is part of creating a lasting foundation, try to find a balance with holding space for adventure, new experiences — or even an unexpected love if you’re single. As an earth sign, you need to feel safe to feel loved, which means knowing that your needs are being met and that there is a clear plan for the future of your relationship. The only thing is that approach doesn’t always leave room for the spontaneity you crave. Whether you are single or currently in an existing relationship, create space for new experiences, adventures, and moments in life that can never be planned for — but only experienced.

The Taurus New Moon activates your sector of luck, abundance, travel, and new beginnings, so an intensified theme creates a new phase in your romantic life. While this energy can often bring about a long-distance love affair or relocation for a relationship, it also makes the need to step outside of your comfort zone with an existing partner so that you can experience more of the beauty and sensuality of experiencing life together. Try to shake up your routine around this time, focus on planning a week away, or take off for the day together to go to parts unknown. Suggest a new restaurant or participate in a sound bath together to bring about a deeper connection through doing something new together. Although safety and stability are prerequisites for love, you also still need to create space to enjoy what you have created simply. Toss the plans out the window and enjoy the day and the love you share simply for the sheer pleasure of it because, within these moments, you may find yourself falling deeper in love.

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5. Libra

This year brings more personal and romantic growth into your life. The Taurus New Moon gives you the soft confidence that you are on the right path. With the Nodes of Fate still in your zodiac sign and Aries throughout this year, you are urged to reflect on how your self-growth and healing affect the romantic relationships you choose — and continue investing in. There already have been major changes within your life, and while there will continue to be more, take the reprieve that this new moon brings and let yourself soften into trusting that you are indeed on the path of having everything you’ve always wanted.

The Taurus New Moon rises in your house of intimacy and connection, providing the perfect opportunity to feel closer to an existing partner or attract a new love into your life. Taurus and your sign of Libra are the two ruling signs of Venus, the planet of love, so this energy will feel good for you and help you trust yourself more deeply and revel in the love that surrounds you. Creating pockets of purposeful quality time will help during this lunation, either as quiet nights in with your partner or doing something that you enjoy so you can attract someone from a more positive mindset. You have done a great deal of work in learning what you deserve and holding boundaries so you can receive that. Now, it’s just about reflecting on how far you’ve come and making the space to enjoy it.

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