2 Zodiac Signs Who Experience Powerful Abundance On May 1 During The Quarter Moon

Prepare for an abundant new beginning.

Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance May 1, 2024 Tanya Prpl, Delmaine Donson from Getty Images Signature

On Wednesday, May 1, the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius sparks an inspiring new perspective that can help you focus more energy on what you want to manifest while releasing distractions. Last Quarter Moons are a time of preparation for the upcoming new lunar cycle by having you create space in your life for a new beginning. This comes down to being more focused on what you want to manifest while releasing anything that takes up space. 


With Aquarius's radical and free-spirited energy, you can discern the benefit for yourself and the collective. Aquarius lets you recognize any attachments you may have still be carrying. With a greater dedication to what you want to manifest, you can successfully create the space to plant the seeds for your abundant new beginning.

2 zodiac signs who will experience abundance on Wednesday, May 1, 2024: 

1. Gemini

Abundance Affirmation for Gemini: I am clearing the path for my dreams to take flight.


Aquarius energy governs your house of luck, abundance, and manifestation, helping you focus on what you want to create in this new chapter of your life. In just a few weeks, Jupiter will shift into your zodiac sign, representing a new era of growth and expansion with many themes. Take the time now to prepare yourself for what you want which means rejecting what you don't.

When May begins, the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius will rise and help you to release fears, outgrown responsibilities, or people-pleasing traits that stop you from seizing a new beginning. You are in a preparation phase, not just for the May 7 New Moon in Taurus, but for the new life phase unfolding. Don’t waste time ignoring what your intuition is telling you. Instead, take this opportunity to take stock of your life. Reflect on what is working for you and is still aligned with your truth and those aspects that no longer are. To make the most of this new beginning, you can become more selective about what you give your energy to and refuse to look back over what-ifs.

As the Last Quarter Moon rises in Aquarius, take the chance to release any internal feelings, beliefs, or restrictions in your life that you feel are limiting you from manifesting your dreams. Take a moment to write down what you are genuinely excited about in your life and what you want to continue working on. Sometimes, even writing down your intentions can help you prioritize your dreams and take necessary action to confidently manifest the life you want.

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2. Taurus

Abundance Affirmation for Taurus: I am ready to release all that isn’t meant for me so I can receive what is.

When it comes to your career, you can ensure that you operate from a place of success and abundance. Aquarius energy activates your professional sector, and during this time, you are being urged to reflect on whether you need to release anything, whether it be fear or a scarcity mindset that prevents you from manifesting the abundance you desire. This also can serve as a wake-up call to check if you are filtering the opportunities you receive so that you are only saying yes to what you want and what aligns with your inner worth.

On Wednesday, the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius highlights professional themes as you are asked to reflect on how to prepare for a new beginning. This doesn’t mean you must quit your job (although you could receive an offer you can’t refuse). It does relate to what you hold onto that isn’t helping you. Consider how you approach your career or college education, and ensure that you operate from a place of competence and worth to create the space necessary for greater success.

Start taking strides to attract new and exciting opportunities into your career by showing up as your most confident self and ensuring that you speak up in the workplace or classroom. Hence, there is no mistake about what you bring to the table. It would be best if you were moving into a space of seeing a new beginning brought to fruition, but the final piece may very well be further releasing what isn’t meant for you so you can open to receive what is full.


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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.