3 Zodiac Signs End A Toxic Relationship On April 29, 2024

This is the day we admit to ourselves that the person we love may not very love us in return.

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The idea of 'unrequited love' is a thing of romance novels and melodramas. We rarely use the words these days as they may 'feel' a bit too poetic for our modern tastes and yet we certainly do know what it's like to love someone who does not or cannot love us back. While this isn't something every person gets to experience in life, there are more of us who don't get the love we want, from the person we want and yet, we continue to love them, crush on them, want them, and desire them. This is unrequited love, and on April 29, three zodiac signs will come to recognize that they feel this way about someone in their lives.


With Venus in Taurus in our cosmic sky, we are rooted in love, and this makes sense when we think about the transit that's influencing us today. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, works in tandem with Taurus, the zodiac sign that represents determination, 'stuck-ness', and the inability to move forward. When these celestial powers come together, we, ourselves, become stubborn, stuck, unable to advance, and in love, which could be dangerous for the heart.


This is the day we admit to ourselves that the person we love may not love us in return. We may even realize that we've been kidding ourselves, or waiting for this to happen, knowing in our hearts that, no, it will never happen. The upside is that, by knowing it, we can free ourselves from the pain of it, and that is what these three zodiac signs will be doing, during Venus in Taurus.

3 zodiac signs end a toxic relationship on April 29

1. Gemini

When you love, you give it your all. Trusting people is already hard enough to do. When you cross that line and throw yourself into loving another person, you tend to believe that it's not only going to last, but it's the best thing you could do. The only problem here is that during the transit of Venus in Taurus, you realize that the love you feel is not reciprocated.

This has played itself out in devastating moments of realization in your life recently, and while you don't want to have to admit it, you know for sure that the love you want is a thing that will never happen. At first, this was all too much to take and you hid this fact from yourself for so long. However, during Venus in Taurus, you are starting to see the light, and what you realize is that this is doable. You can do this.

The Bright Side: Knowing it is looking at the truth. If the truth sets you free, then you may be on your way to liberating yourself from a situation that potentially keeps you back. Being that you are not someone who wants to be held back, you may come to terms with your unrequited love situation and find that this is something you can and will overcome.


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2. Virgo

Back in the old days, you would blame yourself for not being good enough, when it comes to how this one person in your life reacted to you. You wanted their love and you never got it. Even if they gave you some attention, you knew that the one you loved would never feel the same. They would never match your feelings of undying love because they simply didn't have that feeling inside them.

During Venus in Taurus, you'll see that you have given way too much time and effort to the 'cause' of making this person love you. It will hit you hard: this is a lost cause. Rather than become a lost cause yourself, you will make the best of this realization and you will force yourself to look past this unrequited love and find something better for yourself.

The Bright Side: It is during Venus in Taurus that you start to understand that while you've seen this love story as romantic and poetically sad, it's also becoming quite the time waster. As you get older, you've come to realize that there's no point in wasting time. This is when you convince yourself that you are no longer getting anything out of this and that it's time to move on.


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3. Sagittarius

Because you can create a fantasy world that is rich and magnificent, you have also found that you can include real-life people in your fantasy. The problem here is that over the years, real-life people have become real-life fantasy characters in your mind, and you've fallen in love with people who practically don't know you exist.

Realism hasn't always been your thing. So, when transits like Venus in Taurus come to town on April 29, you'll be confronted by your mind, which will tell you to wake up and wake up NOW. You have been in love with someone who doesn't exist, or at least, they don't exist for you. While that may come as a very rude awakening, you'd be surprised at how easy it is for you to accept it, at this stage in the game.

The Bright Side: What you get out of this is the knowledge that you are an amazing fantasist and that if you ever need to escape, that escape hatch exists in your mind. What's great here, however, is that you are now ready to free yourself up from the fantasy so that you can 'join the living.' This is your time, Sagittarius. You have experienced unrequited love and while it was fun in the mind for a time, it's now time for you to live happily, in the real world.


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