3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Their Fears On April 28, 2024

We are brave, and we are strong.

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If we confront our fears today, April 28, 2024, we're likely ready to do so bravely. We know we have to change, and that's the motor that gets us going. We know that if we don't change something about our lives during Moon square Neptune, we will end up with less than we started. What all of this means is that this is the day we move.

During a transit such as Moon square Neptune, we're dealing with the mind. We know that whatever it is that we fear gains its traction in our minds. If the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, we must consider what that means to us. It means that what we fear is made powerful because we fuel it. It, on its own, is nothing more than an occurrence; it's not fearful. We believe it's fearful, so we become powerless against it. That's where this day changes it all up.


Three zodiac signs are very conscious of being people who do not like to show fear, but when the fear is real, these folks want to conquer it even more so. That's how we utilize the power behind Moon square Neptune. This is the day we not only confront our fears, but we think, dissect, and eventually dissolve those fears. Fear, meh! Not for us...not on our watch.

3 zodiac signs who overcome their fears on April 28

1. Gemini

Here's an interesting day for you, Gemini, as you come to see that one of the best ways to confront your fears to not make such a big deal out of them. What's different about this day, April 28, is that we have the transit of Moon square Neptune working hard to set things right, mentally. What you're going to discover today is that you started to identify with some of these 'very old' fears, and now that you think about it you may wonder if they still have the same hold on you as they once did.


The honest answer is, no. You held on to these fearful beliefs for so long that you ended up selling yourself a bag of goods that went stale on you, so to speak. What you're looking at is a change of heart. No, you might not be all that willing to embrace these fears just yet, but when you take a deep look at what you're afraid of, it comes to you that maybe you're not that fearful after all. Hmm.

When you confront your fears during Moon square Neptune, you'll be very honest with yourself about just how far you want to push it. Are you taking this all in, meaning, are you as afraid as you've told yourself you are? The chances of getting over this fear, today, are very good. So work with it, Gemini. Let Moon square Neptune have a chance and watch what happens to the fear...*zzzzap!*

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2. Libra

What this day brings you is the 'all clear' signal, and what this means is that, if you've been hiding out, it's time to get out there and embrace the world again. You may have gone through something rather dramatic in the past, and to heal your soul, you pulled away from society and just hung back. You built up a fear of putting yourself out there and it became a very real thing for you.


During this day's transit of Moon Square Neptune, you will start to see the benefits of getting yourself out there once again, as this day brings an opportunity your way. So, what are you going to do? Give up on a great opportunity that will, no doubt, lead to greater and greater opportunities along the way, or will you give in to your fears and self-doubts? That's what makes Moon square Neptune a great and positive transit for you, Libra. It gets you back on track again.

You will have to confront that fear of yours, knowing that the effort spent in doing so will be worth your while. This is you beginning to trust in the universe again, and truly, it's a glorious revelation for you. With your fear behind you now, you can go out there and be yourself, once again. Brave, free and fearless. This is your life, Libra...go...live it, live it, live it.

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3. Pisces

What you'll see taking place on April 28, is that so much of what you held on to and believed in is not the same as it used to be. What's going on here is that your old fears don't seem to be as scary as they once were, and so much of that has to do with the idea that you've grown up. You took with you a bag of fears that were developed when you were a child, and now, those fears don't seem to have much of a hold on you anymore.


The recognition of this happens during Moon square Neptune because it is during this transit that you feel inspired to revisit those fears to see just how legit they are. Being more mature gives you perspective and you're going to use that vision to see very clearly the things you once believed to be big and scary and just...things. No biggie, no big scary. Just...things.

Moon square Neptune can free you from that which you thought was something powerful enough to hold you back. But, being that this is a Neptune transit, so much of this day's experience will be about freeing the mind. That's what you'll be doing, Pisces. Freeing yourself from the clutches of a child's mind. You're a grown-up now, and while that comes with its own set of fears and weirdnesses, at least you've conquered a few oldie-but-goodies.

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