3 Zodiac Signs Experience A Profound Relationship Shift The Week Of April 29 - May 5

There is luck in love to be had for three very powerful zodiac signs.

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The week of April 29 to May 5, 2024 presents all the zodiac signs with many opportunities to up our game when it comes to our romantic relationships. If the goal is for you and your partner to become a life long, beautiful and healthy love story, then this week offers three zodiac signs in particular plenty to work with. 

We're not only in Taurus season now, but we also have Venus in Taurus along with the Moon square Venus happening this week. These transits will act as the base for our love to grow. For the three zodiac signs that will be most influenced by the positive love energy that is taking place this week, we have to already be in somewhat of a good position with our loved ones.


With Pluto retrograde on May 2, we'll see how pacing and timing really gets the job done. Yes, it's a retrograde, but for a planet as distant as Pluto, its effect is similar to a thoughtful process that revolves around the idea of change. We are able to parlay Pluto's massive influence by way of patience, compassion and the idea of listening to our partners when they speak. 

3 zodiac signs experience a profound relationship shift the week of April 29 to May 5, 2024: 

1. Taurus 

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There's just too much Venus energy going on during your first week of Taurus season for you not to feel the love and power of positivity. You aren't waiting around for anyone else to make your dream come true — you're a go-getter and should there be a dream worth going for, there you are, ready, willing and able.

You'll take this attitude and apply it to your love life this week and you'll see that what you have — this intense power of positive thinking — is actually quite infectious, as it permeates the soul of the person you love and has them truly buying into whatever it is you're selling. And what you're 'selling' is the idea that if the two of you can be open and honest about the changes needed in your relationship, you'll be happy as clams for the rest of your lives together.

This week shows you that anything is possible in a world where people believe, and being that the only people you need to concern yourself with this week are you and your partner, you'll come to realize that if you both work towards a goal, then it's easy-peasy. You can get the job done. This week brings you loving attitudes and plenty of affectionate gestures.

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2. Virgo 

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You have come to realize that even though people are flawed, you are lucky to have your partner. Gone are the days when all you look for is what's wrong with the person you love, as they have proven to you, over time, that there is no one in the world as good as they are. They don't have to do much either in the way of showing off — all they have to do is be there for you, and this says it all. 

You may not be head over heels in love, but this isn't the kind of love that does you any good. What you need in your life is someone who doesn't lie to you and stands by you through thick and through thin. That would be your partner, and this person truly loves you as you are. 


Pluto retrograde helps you to slow down, as you usually tend to want things done immediately, and this covers certain things in your romantic relationship as well. You'll see that during the week of April 29 to May 5, you are able to figure out exactly what is needed in order to continue on with this wonderful relationship of yours, but you still have to go step by step. This is easy enough to do if you get into the idea of pacing and timing.

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3. Libra 

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Balance is key when it comes to love and affection in your life, and what that actually means is that you might be so in love with your partner during the week of April 29 to May 5 that you literally have to be pried off of them. There's a time and a place for everything and while it's very exciting that you have someone in your life that you are this attracted to, you actually have other things you need to tend to, so get out there and do your stuff, Libra!

While all of this is truly a good thing, you might find that the sweep of love that has you locked into it this week is so intense that you can't do anything but feel romantic. Being in love truly overcomes you emotionally during this week. And this is also how a transit like Pluto retrograde can help your life, as it shows you that balance is needed here.

In the long run, the main gist of the week is about being in love while also coming to terms with the fact that other parts of your life also need attention. It's all good, Libra, and nobody wants to take away your good time. Just keep the balance in mind so that you don't miss any due dates on silly things like bills, or work related projects.


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