3 Zodiac Signs Experience Major Relationship Turmoil The Week Of April 29 - May 5 As Pluto Goes Retrograde

Whew, it's quite a week for three zodiac signs.

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Well, zodiac signs ... we have quite a week in store for us as Pluto retrograde begins its station on May 2, halfway through our week. While this isn't necessarily a negative transit, it may test our patience. Unfortunately, this may affect certain zodiac signs and their romantic relationships. If we focus on three signs in particular, we may see some precipitous endings during the week of April 29 through May 5, 2024.


We do have much to look forward to, however the breakups that occur will come with very strong lessons. This week, we are really contemplating the reasons why we should break up and whether the person we have feelings for is as legit as we thought they were. While we may 'think' we need to end it, we need to consider if that is worth it or not.

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3 Zodiac Signs Experience Relationship Turmoil The Week Of April 29 To May 5, 2024 As Pluto Goes Retrograde: 

1. Gemini

Let's face it; you may not have seen it coming 'this week, but now that you're in the thick of it, you will more than likely realize that the potential ending to your romantic relationship was just a matter of time. What this week brings you is the deadlines. You will end your relationship this week because, well ... it had to be done.


As they say, with dirty jobs, somebody's gotta do them. So it's left for you to be the 'brave' one who speaks up and says what both of you have had on your minds for far too long. Think of it this way: if you can get past this week, the rest of it will be smooth sailing. Try to think of it that way, as this is what's going to give you the strength to follow your heart, and where your heart is taking you is out the door and away from this particular love affair.

The relationship you've built with this person was created on attraction alone. While you both pretended that there was love to back it up, the reality started showing itself very early on. There is no love lost here, Gemini, and you'll find that you'll be eager to move on as soon as you both know that the end is near.

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2. Sagittarius

Oh, the falling out of this relationship started a while back. In the beginning, you really did want to believe in this person, and yet, time saw to it that things like belief were nowhere to be found after a while. You believed in this person. Yet, what you saw happening over time was that they started to become less appealing to you and much more aggressive. Oh no, that could never be something you'd tolerate.

You remember the days when this person was kind to you. You truly loved them for all you believed them to be, but in recent times, you've seen a side to them that you find intolerable. You, being someone who acts on your gut feeling, do not stand around trying to convince yourself that tolerating the intolerable is something you need to do in your life. Oh. No.

So, this week, you will listen to your gut, and you will end it quite quickly, for that matter, which is a feat for a week that brings us a Pluto retrograde. You've come to the place in your life where if you feel 'no,' then it's 'no.' You aren't going to convince yourself that there's anything here worth saving, and you will free yourself to love again, at this time, due to your decisive move.

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3. Aquarius

You have never been one to act on impulse, as you really do like to think things out before acting. The interesting twist to this week is that after much deliberation, you will finally come to terms with the state of your romance, which you will also deem 'not too good.' It's time to do something about this, and we don't mean 'try harder to get along.' You've been down that road before, and with all that good, transformational Pluto energy surrounding you, you'll feel like this is the week for major change.

In your constant attempt to better yourself, you've come to understand that that also means surrounding yourself with positive energy in the form of positive people. The person you are with is anything but positive, and quite frankly, you're over it. You also don't feel as though you owe another molecule of your precious time to this person, as they clearly do not care what happens to the relationship.

So, there it is, Aquarius. The ending that took you so long to come to terms with is now a reality, and you are glad for it. You sometimes get down on yourself for taking too long to decide on things, but once you do, as you will this week, you'll be happy to know that you are headed in the right direction. That positive energy you require? It's coming your way, and you have just made more room for it. Peace to you, Aquarius.


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