3 Zodiac Signs Gain Emotional Strength On April 24

We know deep down inside that we are loved.

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April 24 brings us a Scorpio Moon trine Saturn, and while there's nothing too negative about this particular event, three zodiac signs may feel a little melancholy on this day, which could result in misplaced emotion. For some of us, this could take on the form of feeling unloved, and for others, we may feel as though we are not 'good enough.' This is a feeling that will, fortunately, end, but as for this day, we will just have to get through it...and of course, we will.


With all of the Saturn energy that surrounds us on this day, we may feel as though we're the ones who were left out of the love equation, and this could happen simply because we've had an argument with our romantic partner and now, we're just stuck feeling badly about things. We may take it too far and convince ourselves that 'all is lost' and at the same time, we might crack ourselves up knowing how 'dramatic' that sounds.


Three zodiac signs may end up indulging in their negative feelings if only to rid themselves of the feeling for the time being. We'll be OK, and if we feel unloved on this day, we can know that this is merely a phase as we know deep down inside that we are very much loved. We do not lack love in our lives; we merely let ourselves think along these lines due to a momentary quibble with our romantic partners. It's all going to be OK.

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3 zodiac signs feel incredibly strong emotionally on April 24, 2024: 

1. Gemini

Don't worry, Gemini! Those feelings that might come up on this day, April 24, are only here because that's how things get during Scorpio Moon trine Saturn, and if what you're experiencing is a feeling of being unloved, then realize that this is temporary and certain nothing that has any lasting ability. While it's easier said than done, know this: you are loved, and there are people who care for you, even if you don't feel that way on this day.

You know that you get this way sometimes and that it's kind of typical for your zodiac sign, as you are so deeply involved in your own thinking that you sometimes write stories that aren't taking place outside of your mind. When you feel bad about something, you tend to dwell very hard on whatever that topic is about, and sometimes, you end up feeling much worse than you need to.


During Scorpio Moon trine Saturn, you'll experience one such day as this is when you feel unloved or neglected. The reality is that you may be making it worse than it is, but the great part is that you know this about yourself, and in knowing it, you can get yourself out of that funk and back into working order. You'll get through this, but admit to this: you are loved. Nothing is wrong here. Accept that you are loved and that it's all OK.

2. Cancer

As a Cancer, you know very well what it's like to feel moody and how, on occasion, you let that moodiness become your own trap. On this day, April 24, during the transit, Scorpio Moon trine Saturn, you will see that once again, you're doing it to yourself. And while you might even see that you are reacting way too emotionally to what is called for, you may not be able to accept that your feelings of being unloved are...unjustified.

You are loved and you are cared for, in fact, you might anger some of the people whom you accuse of not loving you, during Scorpio Moon trine Saturn. That, of course, only throws gasoline on the fire, but what's also known is that you have to get this feeling out of your system before you set up time to heal from it. You know that you are being dramatic, but one this is for sure: you are being honest. This is real. Will it burn out of your system? For sure, but for now, you're going to do this at your own pace.

What this day does teach you, however, is that when you feel unloved or that nobody is paying attention to you, you need to breathe, retreat and reflect on why you feel this way. Is it all as bad as you make it out, or have you taken it too far? These things are hard to admit to oneself sometimes, but for you, Cancer, as a seeker of truth and light, you'll find your way out of the darkness, and you will know that of course, you are loved.


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3. Leo 

What's interesting about the way that Scorpio Moon trine Saturn influences you on this day, April 24, is that you feel as though nobody in your life really loves you, and while you're not about to make a statement about it, as you don't want to upset those whom you do suspect love you, you can't shake the feeling that there's something 'wrong' going on during this day.

That 'wrong' feeling will start the whole downward spiral, but you can catch yourself on this one, Leo. First of all, have you ever experienced any time in your life when you were not loved? We're not talking about approval or applause, so you need to make that distinction. This day may have you feeling as though you aren't in the number one spot in anyone's heart, but take a look at what's going on here: what's happening is that you want attention right now, and the people you want it from just happen to be busy.

So, there's your solution, Leo; take it easy on them. You needn't make them out to be cold people when all they are doing is tending to their own business. Give it a minute and watch what happens when you consider them and their real feelings towards you. You are just as lovable and loved as you always are; you're just a little cranky and demanding during Scorpio Moon trine Saturn, and your loved ones will forgive you, so no worries here.


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