3 Zodiac Signs Work Things Out With Their Ex On April 22

We seek out those who makes us feel most comfortable.

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When we break up with someone we love, we try to stand tall and firm and convince ourselves that this is not only the right thing to do but must lead to something better. While we don't always end a relationship with the idea that what lies ahead has to be better than what we have, we often feel unsure after a breakup. This may have us backtracking—all the way back to the person we just broke up with.


This could be the day that three zodiac signs find themselves reuniting with their ex for reasons they, themselves, might not be fully aware of. What we do know is that we 'need' to do something. Monday, that 'something' has to do with getting back with our exes so that we could perhaps stay together for good this time around.


Full Moon energy tends to stir up emotions in us, and for the three zodiac signs who are super sensitive to this kind of thing, we may find that we leave ourselves very little choice in the matter. We believe that the person we have broken up with is, indeed, the only 'real' love we'll ever know. At the same time, we are aware that there's a big, bold world out there, chock full of new people and new experiences. We want the old one back. On April 22, we will return to our ex because that is what feels most comfortable to us.

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3 zodiac signs work things out with an ex on April 22:

1. Aries

You've been through all the potential scenarios in your mind when it comes to how you feel about your ex. While there are times when you want to scream and shout as loud as you possibly can in anger over what you believe they've done, you also find yourself accepting the fact that this person may have been the one you loved most in your life. Your ex comes with complex ideas. You may find that you're better off going back to them.

You've tried to convince yourself that breaking up was the best thing you ever did. While you might have felt that way for a while after the breakup, you can't help but feel nostalgic and curious about what they are doing right now. During this day's Full Moon, you'll consider going back to them, in all seriousness. You know they'd be open to it, and so this day may have you 'in talks.'


This Full Moon sets you on a course of action that won't be denied. You believe that your time apart was there to make better people out of the two of you. In a way, you're absolutely right. There's a very good chance that your reunion will work this time around because you've learned that, in the long run, you both really do cherish each other's company.

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2. Leo

In your heart, you know that there's only one person for you, and it just happens to be your ex. This is the person you are most familiar with and most comfortable with. You will realize that what broke you up was the idea that you both got lazy; no one is to blame here. They didn't do you wrong, and you didn't do anything to upset them. You just forgot that being in a relationship sometimes takes work. Now, you feel as though you're ready to put in the effort.

Being that life is a constant challenge, you realize that it's also in a flux state. The changes are always there, and they always demand we keep up. The same goes for relationships, and if we let our love lives turn into a routine that becomes uninspiring, then it's only natural that we'll pay the consequences. You and your ex will come together to discuss the 'next move.'


Being that there's openness to discussion, you can probably safely guess that your partner is just as eager to get back together with you as you are with them. You've both learned your lesson, and the fact that breaking up didn't stop the love is what really stands out to you. Full Moon energy is exceedingly strong, and when it swings to the positive, you're in major luck there, Leo.

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3. Sagittarius

If you were told that at some point in the near future, you'd be getting back together with your ex, you might crack up and giggle yourself into a frenzy. When you broke up, you really bought into the idea that this thing was over, kaput, done, finito. Yet, you've never stopped staying in touch. It's as if both of you were afraid to sever the connection for good. So, neither of you has really moved on in earnest.

You will see that this feeling comes through very strongly during the Full Moon in Scorpio. What you'll end up doing is reaching out to your ex with the intention of feeling them out to see if perhaps you two aren't due for a reconciliation. The reality of your relationship is that you were great friends as well as lovers, and as time goes by, you feel that this is worth looking at. You want your friends back, in whatever form they take.


Fortunately, your friend wants you back, too, and the form it will take is the one that contains both romance and friendship. You're in luck with this one, Sagittarius. You'll be making plans to get back together with that one person whom you have come to admit is someone you cannot live without. Perhaps this person is your soulmate, and you are just living out your destiny. Smile.

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