3 Zodiac Signs Who Can Rediscover Their Inner Child On April 22

If only for a moment, some of us will return to innocence.

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Monday three zodiac signs return to innocence. Have you ever felt so jaded that the most helpful of slogans or self-help phrases put you off to the point where you roll your eyes over words like "embrace your inner child?" That was a big thing back in the 70s, and while it points us in the direction of healing, we may have become so jaded over the years that we hear these helpful sentences and laugh over their triteness.




Then, something happens to us, as it will where we feel the influence of transit Moon opposite Venus, and it has us looking at the reasons why we feel so opposed to taking in good advice. In fact, we may realize that being an adult is hard stuff and that if we look back over the road that got us here, we may come to one realization: we forgot what it's like to see the world through the eyes of a child.


Many of us feel as though we spend the majority of our time working, with very little time for anything else. Three zodiac signs will embrace their inner child, which means they will admit that there IS one inside us, waiting to be held and nurtured. If only for a moment, some of us will return to innocence, and interestingly enough, it will give us a world of good.

3 zodiac signs who can rediscover their inner child on April 22

1. Aries

Being an adult sure is tough. Though you see no other workable alternative, you still do wish that you could have one of those easy-breezy days where things like responsibility and carefree behavior were still possible. Alas, you can't find it anywhere, and what you may see happen is that because of the transit, Moon opposite Venus, you may want to seek out the innocence that once was in spite of the looming responsibility that seems to have taken over your life.

There are days, weeks, maybe even years that you feel like all you've been doing is staring at a computer and working as if every moment of your adult life is about work and responsibility. You've forgotten what it's like to see the world through the eyes of a child. The idea of embracing your inner child has to be re-introduced to you from an external source, and you may find that this is something that happens.

During Moon opposite Venus, you may want to try and remember what made you happiest when you were a child and get into it for a while. Adulting will always demand your presence, but is your presence something that needs to be present 24 hours a day? This could be something you could work on, for now and for the future. Seek out that innocent being that you used to be, and spend time with them just to see what happens.


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2. Taurus 

While the world around you seems to be eyeball-deep into all the drama and confusion that can take place, you are going to make sure that, in your life, you take time to feel like a kid again. You started to understand a while ago that being an adult is rough stuff and that it all seems to be about work and survival. This feels almost too much at times, and you really come to embrace that inner child within.

You aren't going with the 'this is too corny' theory. In fact, you are rejecting it outright. During Moon opposite Venus, you are much more open to the 'corny' things in life, and if this has you flopping onto your bed to watch SpongeBob, then so be it. Nobody is going to judge you because everyone is too tied to the adult world of computers, responsibility, and endless bill-paying.

You'll return to all of that when you need to, but you will admit to yourself that you crave the innocent vantage point and the thrill of being childish once again. This is something you feel you need in order to live a well-balanced life. Yes, you are an adult, and being an adult is a great thing, indeed, but so is touching base with your childish instincts. Once you incorporate this into your life, you'll never give up on that inner child again.


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3. Pisces

Funny how a person can come full circle without planning to. On April 22, during the Moon opposite Venus, you'll feel as though you are ready to embrace the very thing that you've rejected for so long, and that is, of course, your inner child. You bought into that 'let's play grown-up' package, and well, being that you are a grown-up, the world was just as ready to accept you as one. Then, it occurred to you that being an adult is so monotonous.

Whatever happened to innocent fun? Well, it's there, Pisces. You will rediscover it. It will have nothing to do with working a nine-to-five or sitting at a computer for what feels like years on end. This is the day you end your romance with nonstop adult life, and you give yourself a breather by remembering the child you once were and how much fun you had being that child.

So, it's time to embrace that inner child of yours, knowing that this is a magical feeling and one that you can bring back any time you'd like. Yes, it takes work and openness, but that's what you're all about, Pisces. Being a grown-up is a raw deal. While you've made the best of it, you also know that life is even more precious if you allow yourself a moment or two of downright childish behavior. It's alright; permit yourself.


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