3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Challenging Horoscopes On April 20, 2024

We expected things to be different.

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Three zodiac signs want more out of life starting Saturday. On April 20, we may sense a bit of inner conflict as the Libra Moon 'dukes it out' with Mars opposite Lilith. This translates in challenging ways in our horoscopes by forcing us to reflect on what we have and what we do not have. We wonder where we went wrong or question ourselves as to 'why' things have worked out the way they have.

Mars opposite Lilith is already a provocative transit but set against the Libra Moon makes it a Yin-Yang experience, meaning that we have something to compare our experience to. If we aren't feeling great on this day, as the three zodiac signs will feel, then so much is felt simply because the greatness we aren't feeling is being compared to the greatness we see around us. In other words, Mars opposite Lilith has us playing the comparison game, making the day rough for some of us.


We want more out of life on this day, April 20, and the main reason this becomes an issue here is because we 'expected' things to be different. There we go again, learning the lesson that comes with expectation. However, we do learn that lesson on this day, and in the long run, we will be grateful for transits like Mars opposite Lilith, as it shows these three zodiac signs how to manage our expectations.



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3 zodiac signs overcome challenging horoscopes on April 20, 2024:

1. Aries

You are someone who never lets anything get the better of you, and while this is a great trait to have, it's also quite tiring as you sometimes feel you're constantly at battle just to keep your wits intact. On April 20, you'll feel like someone who gets on your nerves, but if you look deeply, they aren't doing much other than just living their life out as you are living out yours.

During this day's transit, Mars opposite Lilith, you'll have to hold yourself back from saying too much, or rather...saying whatever is on your mind 'the wrong way.' This is a day that will have you weighing your words. You may want to snipe at that person or subdue them somehow, but your higher self will come to your rescue and prevent you from acting on impulse. You may wonder why this is your fate until you realize that everything in your life has a purpose...and all of it is for the good.

The great part is that this is how you learn, and in learning, you become a better person...for yourself. What Mars opposite Lilith teaches you is that discretion is good and that you'll still be able to burn off some of your negative feelings towards that person through proper communication and politeness. While you are a strong and powerful communicator, you'll realize that your ultimate power lies in kindness. This is Mars opposite Lilith's great lesson for you.

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2. Virgo

What starts out as you knowing this day will be great, slowly turns into one that feels a bit more challenging than you had anticipated. You've got Mars opposite Lilith there to show you that there's something inside you that's bothering you, and it just happens to be someone you work with. Your love life is clear, but your work life is...complex.

April 20 brings you the opportunity to look deeply at your reactions to the person or group of people that get under your skin. Because it's a work situation, you want to play your cards right, but you are also not ready to accept something that doesn't sit well with you. You may wonder how it is that you've come to this place in life, where you feel as though you're an imposter...certain work situations can do that to a person, it's true.

What you do know is that during Mars opposite Lilith, you feel as though you need to reconcile 'why' all of this is happening. Are you a victim? Certainly not. You put yourself in this position, so there must be something worthy here. What this transit makes you aware of is the idea of taking responsibility. If you are in a place or job that doesn't suit you, then you'll know now that you either have to change yourself...or your job. The end result will be your happiness, this is for sure...as you already know, Virgo.

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3. Scorpio

Adulting sure is hard, isn't it, Scorpio? You feel the pressure during Mars opposite Lilith to be all you can be, and honestly...it's hard work! You would love to feel a little 'less' responsible sometimes, but work calls and family life beckons. There are so many hats that you have to wear, and you may find that this day has you looking back at 'the good old days' when you had very little to live up to.

Alas, the world has placed its expectations on you, and you are there to deliver. During Mars opposite Lilith, you might want to fight back a little, and this 'battle' may look like you phoning in sick or shirking a responsibility that you've already cleared as 'good to go.' In the long run, all this is really about is your need to have time for yourself. You crave the long-lost days of childhood, yet you are in total acceptance of who you are in your adult life.

The upside to all of this is that you'll be able to look back at your body of work and be proud that, even though it took a lot of work to get here, you got here. You did it, Scorpio. Yes, life is tough, and it sure does take a lot out of us sometimes, but this is what you signed up for. Accepting that you are an able-bodied adult is the first step to owning your power. Acceptance helps you to understand that while the work is nonstop, you are just as strong as you need to be.


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