3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall In Love With A Friend On April 19

We might not want to blur the lines between friendship and romance, but...why not?

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When Mars aligns with Uranus on Friday, April 19, three zodiac signs may fall in love with a friend. Each will understand something very important in their lives, which is related to love and friendship. We realize that a friend who brings us such joy, laughter, and happiness is the person we should be looking at for romance, commitment and longevity.

This alignment has us thinking outside of the box. Why go somewhere else when everything we want is right here in front of our eyes? The person who brings us endless joy is also someone we find attractive, and while we might not want to blur the lines between friendship and romance, we might also ask ourselves: why not?




In this rough-edged world where so many things are unsure and unstable, we need to cling to that which we believe in, and if there's a person in our lives who remains true to us and shows us that they will always be that way, then why should this person NOT become our romantic partner ... especially if the attraction is mutual? Life is short, let's fall in love, zodiac signs. Let's live this life to the fullest with no regrets. Cheers to the three zodiac signs who take it upon themselves to see their friends as their romantic partners on April 19.


Three zodiac signs who fall in love with a friend on April 19:

1. Gemini

Here's a twist: that friend of yours that you used to have a crush on yet felt it would be better to keep it platonic with? They like you, as in 'like' you; what started out as a regular old friendship shows you in no uncertain terms that if you want to act on that 'crush' mentality, now's the time to do so. You've got the power of a very strong Mars/Uranus transit, and it's telling you to act on your gut feeling, Gemini.

This is the day that things change, and even though it might be scary at first, you're not going to be able to deny how this one friend of yours suddenly sees you differently. They have shown signs that they are interested in you romantically. Well, now, that's a change you can get into ... and you will. Trust your gut on this one, Gemini; things happen for a reason.

This Mars/Uranus transit has you understanding that timing was the whole point here and that certain things couldn't happen until now. It just so happens that this Friday is the perfect day to transform your platonic relationship into a romantic one. Are you ready to take that chance? Of course, you are. You've been waiting for this for a long, long time. Good things come to those who wait, right?

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2. Libra

There was a time in your life when you didn't want to be 'friends' with the person you were in a romantic relationship with, and while that seems counterproductive, it's how you lived your life. Now, things have changed, and you are starting to feel like you want more out of your relationships. In fact, you want to know that what you have is based on friendship.

During the Mars/Uranus transit, you will notice that not only is your life changing rapidly and for the better, but you have developed romantic feelings for someone in your life that you never thought would be the case. There's a person in your life whom you have grown very close to. The understanding was that the two of you are friends and nothing more ... and then, something changes.

That's how the Mars/Uranus transit works its way into your love life. Uranus energy is all about change, difference and unique outlooks. Powered by Mars, you've got yourself a serious new way of looking at an old friendship. Don't be surprised if suddenly you take this friendship into the zone of romance, as that's exactly where it's all going, Libra. It's all good, and it's all experience. Life is for living, so go on out there and live it!

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3. Capricorn

The Mars/Uranus transit is positive for your love life. You will see how something in your life is about to change for the better. You have a friend who has become somewhat of a confidant to you. You love this person, and you trust them with your life. You are also attracted to them, though you wouldn't dare cross that line in the event that they don't feel the same way about you.

However, they do feel the same way you do, and they are wildly attracted to you (who wouldn't be, I mean REALLY, Capricorn...). What you're going to see on Friday is that when two friends feel attracted to each other, there's only one thing left to do about it: become a couple. And why not? Who's to say we have to play by the rules, even though rules are of the utmost importance to you as a Capricorn?

You will defy your own set of rules. You will be SO happy that you did. YES! You have fallen for your best friend, and they seem to be pretty open to that idea. Why not see where this will take you? You are both consenting adults, so it seems only natural to go with the flow on this one. Without further ado, know that you will absolutely make this happen. Good luck and all the happiness in the world to you.


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