Relationships Grow Stronger For 3 Zodiac Signs Starting April 17

Nodal energy enlivens us and makes believers out of us, when it comes to love and romance.

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There is no shortage of helpful cosmic transits on April 17, 2024, when it comes to improving our love relationships. With several train formations aligning with Venus—including Venus conjunct Node —the answer is quite simple: If we try, we get. In other words, when we show the universe that we are trying in earnest, we can open our hearts to positive and possibly romantic results.

Moon trine Venus conjunct Node will be rooting for three zodiac signs. One of the things we will feel around this time is that solidity and security in knowing that what we've built with this one person can last and last. This might take work, but it's not the kind of work that depletes us; if anything, Nodal energy enlivens us and makes believers out of us when it comes to love and commitment.


We will see our relationships grow stronger on April 17, and that's only the beginning. We are also working with Moon trine Mercury. While the planet is still in retrograde, we will find our footing here. We'll be able to freely speak the comforting words of love that will make our partners take notice, pay attention, and reciprocate with their positive responses.


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3 zodiac signs see romantic relationships grow drastically stronger starting April 17, 2024:

1. Aries

While you are just as capable of having a wild and untamed love affair, you are equally as capable of honing in on that energy to establish needed rules. You are pretty sure that you and your romantic partner need to set up a few rules and boundaries so that your future together can be lived in peace and harmony.

During Venus conjunct Node, you'll see within yourself that you are interested in continuing with your partner and that it's been so good, so far, that you wish to bring in that element of permanency. You want this love to last, and in order to do so, you will spend much of this day figuring out, with your partner, what your next best move should be. Venus conjunct Node brings out the need in couples for strength and relationship longevity. This is what you and your person will be working on during this day.

What's worthy of being mentioned is the idea that during Venus conjunct Node, we have done our time in the healing department. What we're working on is building for the future. We aren't carrying around the baggage of lost love or regret, which has us. You, in particular, Aries, feel very positive about how to go about building a stronger relationship with the person who seems just as eager as you are to build upon what is already established.


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2. Libra

You may feel ready to move into a new phase in your romantic relationship, as you and your partner have grown so much over the time you've been together. Now, it seems as though it might be time to take it up a notch. The transit of the Moon trine Venus conjunct Node will speak to your inner sense of security. You'll know that you and your partner will have the chance to add an even happier note to an already good relationship.

While this could definitely imply making a family out of a partnership, it could also suggest that you and the person you love might do something that helps to strengthen what you already know and trust. This is a very loving transit, but it's not the kind of event with just everybody getting married or signing on for a long-term relationship. However, for you, Libra, the idea of marriage appeals to you.

What you do know is that you have no interest in anyone other than the person you are with, and you know the feeling between you is mutual. Life is hard enough when we go at it alone, and while you do enjoy your alone time, you want to know that there's someone to come home to. During the Moon trine Venus conjunct Node, you and your partner may 'seal the deal.'


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3. Capricorn

What inspires you is the idea that you and your romantic partner have gone through so much that if you can survive what the two of you have been through, then the world is your oyster. You can survive anything, it seems. While you may be a very pragmatic and considerate person, your partner is 'the wild one,' and life with them has been both interesting and hard to keep up with.

During this day's transit, Moon trine Venus conjunct Node, you'll see that for all of your 'faux' complaints about your partner, you love this person to pieces, and you really want nobody else in the world BUT them. They knew, of course, that you'd feel this way because even though they are 'dramatic,' they are also quite loving, lovable, and kind to you: keeper material, all the way.

What this day reminds you of is the insane compatibility that the two of you have. It's rare and worth fighting for, and even if your partner keeps you on your toes, you can't help but want to be with them forever. Everything you do together brings you closer together, and every day shows you that someone, in the game of love, you've won. Victory is yours!


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