2 Zodiac Signs Experience Immense Abundance On April 16

Follow your freedom to an abundant life.

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Two lucky zodiac signs will experience abundance on April 16, 2024, thanks to Mars and Uranus aligning in Pisces. 

To manifest the abundance you seek, you must first free yourself from self-limitations or restrictions that keep you in a cycle of struggle. Your heart doesn’t just know the way to the greatest love but also the most fulfilling sense of abundance. As you dive deeper into this truth, the freedom you ultimately receive is from everything that was never really meant for you — so you can have the courage to pursue what is.


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On Tuesday, April 16, Mars in Pisces aligns with Uranus in Taurus, prompting an energy of breaking free to pursue what holds the greater value and purpose to you. Mars is the planet of action and ambition, but in Pisces, it is more concerned about what your intuition is directing you to pursue. As Mars aligns with Uranus, the planet of shock and awe, you will experience a sudden burst of freedom that allows you to follow the call of your soul directly into a more abundant life. Focus on what you truly feel called to create or begin around this time as you realize you really are capable of creating a life of your choosing — and there truly isn’t anything holding you back from manifesting immense abundance.


2 zodiac signs who experience abundance on April 16

1. Virgo abundance affirmation: I am freeing myself from anything that has been holding me back from my most abundant life.

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Mars in Pisces will align with Uranus in Taurus, creating an opportunity within how you operate in relationships and your investment in your dreams. Mars in Pisces is spurring greater action and initiative in your relationship as you are drawn to make things better, move ahead, and feel like you are growing together. It will bring up themes related to abundance, travel, and new experiences, reminding you that no matter your relationship status — you still need to prioritize your dreams for life.


Many times, in romantic connections, there can be a feeling of sacrifice as you feel pushed to put certain dreams on the back burner and feel a responsibility to your partner or perhaps even children. Your romantic relationship should also help encourage you to become more of who you are meant to be, which can help you realize that there is never a reason to put a particular dream aside for a supposed better time.

You may be desiring a new adventure in life, whether it involves travel, working from home, returning to school, or beginning your own business. Because of this, you may have tried to get your partner on board, but perhaps they haven’t really aligned with what you are dreaming of, and so you’ve unknowingly put aside what you want. The energy encourages you to reinvest in yourself and realize that the best relationships are those with personal freedom. Love requires space for each person to grow. If you are being called to seek out a new experience or endeavor, then you must listen to your soul and trust. Not only will this bring greater abundance to your own life, but it will also benefit your relationship.

2. Aries abundance affirmation: Freedom is wealth.


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You are still finding your bearings after the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in your zodiac sign, and Mercury retrograde slowed your process down. While there is always a benefit to the process you are in, no matter how slow or fast it is proceeding, in this case, try to lean into what is arriving instead of trying to rush through it. You will reach the destination you desire, but the journey along the way, in this case, matters too.

Mars in Pisces will align with Uranus in Taurus, making you understand that the personal freedom to explore your inner truth is ultimately the highest form of wealth. Not only can this help you take a divine idea and bring it to fruition, but being able to live the life that you are called to will bring a deeper sense of fulfillment and value to your life. In order for you to be able to feel like your true self, you also need to be able to honor your inner voice instead of feeling restricted by situations or those around you. When you feel free, you are finally able to manifest the abundant life you have always longed for.


Take a moment to reflect on the themes of freedom in your life. This includes being able to articulate and speak your truth and take action on what your heart is telling you. The only way you can make the most of the dreams that are calling you to act on is to ensure that you are freeing yourself to do so. In this case, freedom becomes not just a core need but also the first step to financial and romantic abundance.

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