3 Zodiac Signs Want More From Their Relationship On April 15

It's all about speaking up and just...saying it.

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On this day, we want more. It's April 15, and our Moon is in alignment with both Jupiter and Uranus. If we do the cosmic math here, what we're looking at is an inner demand for more, such as excitement, communication, and romance. We want more from our romantic partner, and that's not necessarily a bad thing, nor is it too far-reaching. What we wish must be met with what we have to do to get what we want, and in this case, it's all about speaking up and just saying it.


Jupiter and Uranus inspire in us the need for more. Jupiter has us hungering for adventure and newness, while Uranus sparks in us a curiosity that we feel must be sated. We want to avoid becoming 'an old married couple.' Even though the perks of such a state are valuable and wonderful, right now, for these three zodiac signs, we want a little more before we consider ourselves to be settled in for the night.

If we don't speak up, then we will create an uncomfortable situation for ourselves. While we really don't want to go down that rough path, we will do what we intend to do during Moon trine Neptune. We explain in compassionate and caring detail what we want, how we want it, what we expect, and the rest, well...the rest is up to them. Do we trust in this situation? Of course, we do. We are the strong and mighty, and we get what we want!


Three zodiac signs want more from their relationship on April 15:

1. Leo 

The only trap you don't want to fall into today is expecting more than the person you love is able to provide. Yes, you want more out of this love affair and feel you deserve more, but you're working with a person, not a situation, so this day may have you step back so that you can practice patience and acceptance.

Jupiter and Uranus influence your every move, Leo, and you want to get things done. You feel that your partner is not living up to their end of the bargain, but that's when you have to ask yourself if a 'bargain' was ever made. What this means is that you have to understand that what you want was never part of the promise. Yes, you want more, but did you state what you wanted up front?

Here's where you get to learn a major life lesson, and it will not only do you good, but it will help the relationship in ways you might not expect. This day goes to communicating your thoughts and feelings within the context of reality. If you want more, then you must let your desires be known. Your romantic partner might not be fully aware of what it is that you wish to do. However, if you tell them carefully, you might end up having a truly amazing and beautiful experience. 

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2. Virgo 

The only thing that might be problematic is 'how' you communicate what's on your mind to your partner. The content of what you have to say is brilliant, and if you can deliver the message with compassion and patience, you'll absolutely get what you want. Therein lies the rub, as they say, Virgo. If you want more out of your relationship, then use kindness to 'get in there.' Sweetness does the trick during any Uranus transit.

You've also got Jupiter backing you, so you need to be aware of how you inform your partner of what's on your mind, as this planet tends to 'make a big deal' out of everything. If you're kind and sweet, caring and patient, you'll get the world on a string. If you blow your stack and come out in attack mode, you'll see some serious flack, and that's what you need to keep in mind.

One thing is for sure: your intentions are good. It's your verbiage that makes the difference here, as you can be quite caustic when left unchecked. Yes, you think you're only being funny. Still, suppose you really want to see positive change in your romantic relationship. In that case, you're going to have to give in to old-fashioned ideas like being polite, listening to them out, considering their feelings, and all that. Turn this day around and consider yourself a winner, Virgo!

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3. Scorpio 

April 15 presents you with the idea that you want more out of your love life, and while you know that all you really have to do to make that happen is to have a heart-to-heart talk with your person. Still, that strikes terror in your heart as you are never quite sure where these kinds of talks will go, and that shows you that your doubt gets in the way of your happiness. However, during this day's Jupiter/Uranus transit, you're going to find a way to get your point across with finesse and confidence.

Oh, thank the stars for Jupiter, Scorpio. This is the positive energy transit of them all, and with Jupiter on your side, you'll have no fear of confrontation. You are a super sensitive person, but you are also a very progressive person, and you want to see change where it needs to be made. There's something that you've wanted from your partner for a long time now, and this is the day you come right out with it.

What you will end up seeing is that your partner is not only shocked that you came right out with it but that this has been on their mind as well. So, it seems that the two of you had this one particular 'item' on the checklist of desires. Now that it's out in the open and both parties are totally down for it, it looks like this day has you feeling spectacularly lucky in love.


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