2 Zodiac Signs Will Experience Genuine Abundance On April 13

Abundance will always grow in what you love.

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Two zodiac signs will experience genuine abundance on Saturday, April 13, when the North Node in Aries aligns with Venus in Aries.

Your most abundant life will not be found in making yourself do something to achieve success, following the path of others, or solely focusing on the financial benefits. Instead, the greatest abundance will only be cultivated when you direct your energy toward what you love most.




This is because when you are doing what you love, your energetic frequency changes, and unknowingly, you also invest more. After all, you are enjoying what you are spending your time on. The secret to abundance isn’t to simply never stop working — but to ensure you are working doing something you genuinely love.


On Saturday, April 13, the North Node and Venus align in Aries, prompting the need for you to reflect on how you can invest more energy into what you love. The North Node rules over your ultimate fate, while Venus brings financial and emotional abundance.

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As the two collide cosmically in the sign of Aries, you can focus more on what you love, trusting that financial abundance will arrive as you do. Destiny is always a test of faith in the unknown, but this energy will help you genuinely believe that you won’t need to sacrifice what you love most in order to manifest greater abundance.


2 zodiac signs experience abundance on April 13

1. Cancer abundance affirmation: I am creating an abundant life that I love.

It’s time that you focus on your success, Cancer. As much as personal relationships tend to take greater focus in your life, don’t underestimate your divine purpose. There will always be reasons why the timing isn’t right or a multitude of events that seem to steal energy away from your dreams. The sooner you start investing in yourself, though, the more abundance and professional success you will cultivate in your life.

On Saturday, April 13, the North Node and Venus will align together in Aries, bringing up an ardent desire to have your professional career reflect more of what you love. While a change in your career path may occur this year as a result of this energy, it can also help you understand how you can begin to fulfill your soul purpose without feeling like you have to change everything overnight. This energy, though, is fully supportive and encouraging, which allows you to feel more confident in deciding what you love and then putting your whole heart into it.


The North Node rules over your fate, while Venus directs events related to emotional and financial abundance. In Aries, they are creating a wave of opportunities in your career or college path that can help you recognize what it is you want to do. This has nothing to do with anyone else or their hopes for you.

Instead, it will help you understand exactly what it means never to have to work a day in your life as long as you love what it is you’re doing. And the path to the abundant life that you are soulfully in love with begins here, in this moment, as you choose to invest in yourself and your dreams.

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2. Aquarius abundance affirmation: I am using my words to cultivate abundant opportunities.


There has been a great deal that you’ve been reflecting or thinking about recently but haven’t yet been able to speak up about. This may also have to do with a divinely given idea or dream that you are meant to bring to fruition as part of your soul path. Regardless of what avenue this leads you down, you must realize that by articulating your ideas, dreams, or feelings, you are also consciously creating the space to attract the abundant opportunities you seek in life.

On Saturday, April 13, the North Node and Venus will align in Aries, giving you the ability to take what you’ve been thinking of and put it into words that will create a new chapter in your life. With the North Node in Aries through 2025, this may become part of a longer journey that will finally help you understand the gifts your words can bring into your life.



If you’ve had a particular project at work or an idea for a business that involves your ideas or writings, you are being guided to pour all your love into it and really embrace its potential. When you can validate that what you’re thinking or dreaming of is worthy and important, you are able to take action in all the ways needed to achieve success.


This is not the time to bite your tongue, talk yourself out of pitching an idea, or put aside a desire to begin something new. While Mercury is retrograde until April 25, it is already in the rebirth portion of its cycle, also in Aries, signifying that you are moving into a completely new and abundant phase, but to do so, you also must allow yourself to speak up. With the North Node and Venus, the words you put out into the universe will go into shaping the life that you live, so it’s best to make sure it’s also one that you will love.

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