2 Zodiac Signs Overcome Financial Stress On April 12

It's only money.

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Financial stress. Could you possibly imagine having such a thing? The reality here is that it's kind of hard to avoid having financial stress, especially during this time of the year. A lot is going on right now, and on April 12, 2024, we're not getting any help from the anxiety-inducing transits of Moon square Saturn and Mars. Since when has a little interplanetary action ever stopped us from rising to the top?


We're doing what everyone else does: we're sweating the small stuff. For two zodiac signs, we'll forget that 'this is only money.' That's OK, that's what money does to us. It has us believing that it's the most important issue there is. The beauty of this day is that during the transits of Moon square Saturn and Mars, we start to see what is important, what truly rises to the surface. For these two zodiac signs, it comes as a revelation.

OK, so there's money, and then there's the rest of everything. If we can shift our consciousness into a place where we get in touch with gratitude, we can avoid getting sucked down the 'money issues' tube. The truth is, we're alive, and we're doing well. Life is for the living, and we are here to live it. Materialism is real, but so are we, and during Moon square Saturn and Mars, we will see that financial stress is a temporary bother. We are bigger than any problem, and these two zodiac signs know it.


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The two zodiac signs who overcome financial stress on April 12, 2024:

1. Leo 

One of the first things that will come up for you on April 12 is the idea that you are grateful to be in such a position that you 'can' worry about money. While that doesn't sound too comforting, what you're going to see during this day's transit of the Moon square Saturn and Mars is that you are in much better shape financially than you were last year at this time, and that's good news.

While it's hard to grasp the idea that your money woes are merely 'money woes' and nothing more, you will absolutely stumble on to some deep wisdom during this day as you come to realize that what you have in your life right now, is worth more than all the gold in the world, as they say. You have your life, your love, your ability to stay strong, and whatever you may perceive as that which brings worry is nothing in comparison to what you've got going for you in the positivity department.

Here, you have the perfect opportunity to see what is worth what, Leo. This means that while you may stress out over finances, you can also touch base with the immense reality that you are not only doing well but that you're reaching new levels of excellence at work, in your creative life, and in love. OK, so money issues are a thing. We all get to go through the same 'thing,' but what you have, Leo, is hope. You have hope, knowledge, ability, and a vibrant, beautiful life. All of this is in your court right now.


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2. Libra 

You may find that during Moon square Saturn and Mars, a sudden smile flickers on your lips as you come to realize that all of this money-worry is really for nothing at all. You feel that you've given way too much time to the concept of financial stress. As you know, we're all going through something similar. Something is happening on this particular day that has you seeing it all from a different perspective.

What takes place today is that you recognize and honor the reality of money in your life, but you also come to believe that you're not going to give up your entire nervous system to this kind of rumination. Enough is enough. Yes, you will deal with the materialistic needs that take place in your life, but you are no longer interested in making 'financial stress' into your life. It's only money, as they say, and while it's important, it's not 'everything.'

Transits like Moon Square Saturn and Mars tend to put us on edge. We worry we overthink, we see only the stop signs, and we pay attention only to our inhibitions. Then, there's you, Libra. You've got that natural rebellious side to you that wants to say NO to all the worry and fretting. You feel as though you need to step out of it all and regain that free-spirited person that you know you are. As the day progresses, you'll see that it's quite easy for you to do. Consider it done and smile.


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