3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Change Drastically On April 10

Saturn's energy shows us that we can no longer go back to the way things used to be.

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On April 10, 2024, we experience the 'side effects' of a transit that has Mars and Saturn aligning with the Moon, prompting three zodiac signs to fearlessly accept the change they need in their love lives.

While Mars' energy works to get us on our feet and ready to do the work at hand, it will be Saturn's energy that shows us that we can no longer go back to the way things used to be. What this results in is change, and this change could potentially be monumental for three specific zodiac signs.


These signs may have had the intuition that something needed to change but avoided bringing it up, as perhaps the idea of confrontation brought up fear. But the astrological energy on April 10 changes everything. Mars' energy inspires fearlessness — and the interesting thing is that we come to realize that there is never anything to fear to start with.



3 zodiac signs who fearlessly accept change in their relationships on April 10

1. Aries 

When we realize that we need change, the universe responds almost instantaneously. We set in motion the desire for transformation by admitting that this is necessary for our well-being. For you, Aries, April 10 is all about working with the universal forces to create workable change in your romantic life. You realize that this is important, and you tend to it pronto. You've got this wonderful Mars-Saturn lunar energy supporting your every move. That's going to have you working your intelligence and your charisma at the same time.


The person you are with needs to hear you out. You have to get what's on your mind off your chest — but be prepared to do some listening as well, as they may have something vital to contribute to the conversation on how to better the relationship.

In the past, you might have rushed into a conversation that became clumsy and perhaps even insulting, but you've learned so much since then. You really honor and respect the person you are with now, so you want to treat them with the respect they deserve. Yes, you've got things on your mind, and they must be voiced. This time, you're going to do it diplomatically and caringly.

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2. Gemini 

There are many things you don't want to acknowledge because you feel that if you discover one thing, then you'll open up a can of worms. Before you know it, all you'll see are hard times and reasons for complaint. On one hand, keeping things to yourself is how you've kept your romantic relationship thriving and alive. On the other hand, you definitely have a few things that need to change. The only way those things will come into being is if you sit down and literally have that conversation.


While communication is your thing, you are also quite shy at times, and approaching your romantic partner with the idea of 'change' could be intimidating. However, on April 10, you'll get that confidence-boosting push that comes with that Mars-Saturn lunar energy. You'll find that the right place and the right time are now. It's time to open that mouth and say what's on your mind, Gemini.

The truth is, you have nothing to fear. Yes, your relationship requires a touch-up. There's nothing wrong with this, and you certainly aren't alone, as all relationships need their work. Know that what you are experiencing now is common, which doesn't mean it's unimportant. It's very important, but it is also up to you to set the wheels in motion. Fear not, Gemini. This could work out very well for you. 

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3. Leo 

You are someone who really enjoys the idea of success, and when it comes to your love life, the last thing you ever want to think is that there's nowhere to go with it. If you have spent a long time with your partner, then you know all too well that being in a relationship is an 'ebb and flow' experience. What you want to keep your eye on is the idea of always coming back to the place where you're both happy and content.


There's this wonderful Mars-Saturn lunar energy that looms large on April 10, and it's inspiring an energy that lets you know that it's not scary to want change. You like being comfortable with what you have, but you also notice that things get too comfortable or too familiar, and that's when the trouble starts. You both want to keep the peace and what ends up happening is that, because of fear, you end up giving each other silent treatment. Today, this need for change is literally challenged. When you both accept that it's OK to talk it out and perhaps even start making realistic plans to implement that change, you'll see that the relationship returns to being a true romance once again.

You can do this, Leo. What you have is special and rare. If you see that something needs 'an adjustment,' then think of it as maintenance. This is what brings you the greatest success in love.

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