5 Zodiac Signs With Intuitive Horoscopes On April 7, 2024

Powerful forces are at play.

5 Zodiac Signs With Intuitive Horoscopes On April 7, 2024 dwiputrirats, Dean Drobot | Canva Pro

Introspection is the name of the game on Sunday, April 7, 2024. Not just any kind — it's the kind that helps you realize you are no longer a naive child absorbing all kinds of beliefs around you without understanding why.

The cosmic forces are gearing up to help people level up if they wish to. Of course, five zodiac signs — Pisces, Aries, Leo, Gemini, and Capricorn — will have the best horoscopes under this influence. However, the rest of the zodiac signs require careful attention.


First of all, we have Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces standing out as the primary benefactors on Sunday. So, the more you lean into your creative side, the sweeter the day will turn out for you. This does not refer to creative activities in the traditional sense (although you can do that, too!). It's also asking you to be creative in all areas of life, whether it's fixing a broken appliance in your kitchen, adjusting the plants in your garden, or even polishing a pair of shoes before a party.



Venus in Aries' relationship with Lilith Retrograde in Libra is also being highlighted here. So if your gut tells you something is off about someone close to you, trust that instinct. This transit often brings to light affairs and fake friends who secretly want to steal your partner. It can be heart-wrenching when the truth comes to light in such scenarios, but this is the kind of truth that protects you from further disrespect or outright harm.


If you feel the need, meditate and center yourself. You are stronger, braver, and smarter than you believe you are. Now, let's focus on the five zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on April 7, 2024.

Five zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on April 7, 2024:

1. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

Best zodiac sign to work with: Taurus

Best area to focus on: Friends

Best time of the day: 5 pm

Every day can be a golden day for you, Pisces, if you truly want it to be so. At this time, you are one of the cosmic golden children. So harness your divine blessings and move forward with confidence. It is up to you whether this helps you forge new friendships, build a romance, or settle your career.


You are also encouraged to send gratitude into the ether for the good friends you have in your life. That's a true blessing, which not every person on this planet has the good fortune of having. Don't let your interactions become transactional.

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2. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

Best zodiac sign to work with: Cancer & Leo

Best area to focus on: Physical activities

Best time of the day: 10 am

Creativity is the name of the game for you on Sunday, Aries. That's it. The cosmic forces have no interest in policing how you indulge yourself with this. So do as you please and make your life come alive like a beautiful chandelier in a ballroom. That's a metaphor if there ever was one. *winks*


You are also encouraged to stay active at this time and keep your body and blood moving. Your intuition is tied to this. Whether you choose to play sports, work out at the gym, or dance until your heart can't anymore is up to you, though. Have fun!

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3. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

Best zodiac sign to work with: Other Leos

Best area to focus on: Dinner party

Best time of the day: 7 pm

Love is in the air for you on Sunday, Leo. The kind that will make your heart beat a mile a minute and nerves thrill with anticipation and interest. What you do with this energy and how you bring your fantasies to life are up to you. Only good surprises await you on this path.


If you feel called to, now's also a good time to gather your favorite people and throw an extravagant dinner party, complete with good music, drinks, and party games. If costumes are involved, it's even better!

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4. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

Best zodiac sign to work with: Scorpio

Best area to focus on: Sleeping

Best time of the day: 2 - 3 am

Slow and sweet are the themes of Sunday for you, Gemini. So, let your heart be at ease and rejuvenate itself through activities and interactions that bring you joy, camaraderie, and sweet fulfillment. Steer clear of toxic folks and stressors, though!


You are also encouraged to catch up on sleep if you have been busy lately. Don't think of it as wasting a good day of fun and play. You will have more fun if you allow yourself to recharge your batteries first and protect against burnout.

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5. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)


Best zodiac sign to work with: Scorpio

Best area to focus on: Sweet & whimsical

Best time of the day: 5 pm

Capricorn, keep your secrets close and your best friends even closer. The energy on Sunday hints at potential trouble on the horizon from someone trying to infiltrate your inner circle like a Trojan horse. Now's not the time to second-guess your intuition.

You are also encouraged not to allow workaholicism to get the better of you. Rest, relax, and rejuvenate yourself on Sunday. It's never a waste of time when you are taking care of yourself and your emotional well-being.

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