3 Zodiac Signs Are Slow To Trust Others On April 9, 2024

We all have trust issues...to a degree. On this day, we will work on them by exercising extreme caution before speaking ...with success.

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We all have trust issues to a degree. That's just part of life, as we've all seen what it's like to trust someone and then witness that person or persons do something that destroys that trust. While we are encouraged to trust in people, sometimes that takes time. We can't be judged too harshly when we, on occasion, say, 'I trust no one.' On the other hand, we want to live our lives in peace, and we certainly don't want to become hardened by our lack of trust.


During Moon square Pluto, we may be presented with a situation that has us questioning its safety. This is very typical of a Pluto transit. For three zodiac signs, we will have one of those moments when we have to think twice before committing to an answer. Our initial reaction is one that was built on a lifetime of trusting very little. On Tuesday, we will get the chance to change the way we see things, and we may even surprise ourselves with how positive it all ends up.



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So, it's not that we are striving to trust everyone and everything around us; it's that we want to take it all less seriously than we have. These three zodiac signs can do on this day. What may have started as a lack of trust will slowly but surely turn into an acceptance and an easygoing outlook on life? This could very well turn into a very happy day for these three zodiac signs.

Beginning April 9, these three zodiac signs are slow to trust others:

1. Virgo 

The last thing you want to be is 'that person,' as in the one who trusts no one and seems stiff and cold to others. You would love to trust people, but you've had a lifetime's worth of experience watching how hearts are broken and how tears are shed. You want to live a good and happy life. You know that you need to let love in, but you are still scared, so that's OK. It's hard to trust, but that doesn't mean it's impossible, Virgo.

On April 9, when the Moon squares Pluto, it's straightforward to get caught up in your head, where the thought of trusting another person gets mingled with feelings of fear and possibly even paranoia. It's all OK, though, Virgo, as this is how you work it out. You can't get to light unless you traverse the darkness first. That's what Moon square Pluto enables in you: a desire to change something within yourself.

In your case, the change you are seeking is the kind that has you opening your heart and giving in to trust. OK, so it's a chance you feel you have to take, and it may not go well. It may also go so well that you'll laugh at your old self and your old distrustful ways. You are only protecting yourself, Virgo, but you are also simultaneously trying very hard to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way.


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2. Scorpio 

One thing that really stands out for you is the idea of being able to accept the truth about certain people in your life and deal with what you learn. There are folks that you can trust and folks that you cannot trust, and what this day brings up for you is the idea that one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch, as they say. In other words, during Moon square Pluto, you will come to accept that just because you don't trust one person, it doesn't mean the whole planet is filled with creeps.

In fact, you love so many people, and you want to trust them, as they are precious to you. Experience has altered your thinking, though, and this is something you'll realize must change. It would be best if you changed as you've started to see yourself as a person who doesn't trust anyone. You don't like that about yourself. You want to return to your happy-go-lucky nature, and this is very possible during Moon Square Pluto on April 9.

The best part about this day is that you get it. You really and truly get the idea that this lack of trust within you is holding off true loving experiences. You want those experiences now. Yes, this fierce transit of Moon square Pluto may point out the difficulties, but it's also working to help you get past them. You will use Moon square Pluto to teach yourself how to trust again, and it will work.


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3. Sagittarius 

For the longest time, you held tight to your beliefs that nobody could be trusted, and this is because you based 'everybody' on the deeds of a few. Those select few are the ones who hurt you in the past and created the situation in which you felt you couldn't trust anyone ever again. You've started to define yourself as someone who can trust no one, and you aren't happy with that identity; you want to change. You want to release this heavy judgment that you've placed on just about everyone.

During the transit of Moon square Pluto, you will face your fears as much as you will have the opportunity to trust someone whom you really love. You want very badly to trust them, and you certainly don't want to live the rest of your life doubting people to the degree that you've been doing. This day could change all of that. April 9 is the day you turn around on this topic. This is the day you learn to trust again.


You can't make 'the first but is the deepest' into your mantra, Sagittarius, as you cannot stay stuck in the past where you felt hurt. You are way past the old days. You are now alive and well and living it up in the present, so you may find that during Moon square Pluto, you're ready to trust again. Lack of trust took you only so far; you're now ready to join the living so that you can thrive.

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