2 Zodiac Signs Are Emotionally Strong On April 7, 2024

We know what the right thing to do is, and yet, we put it off until it's 'almost' too late.

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Right off the bat, we've got an Aries Moon aligning with Pluto on April 7. Honestly, that spells trouble for at least two zodiac signs here. We can probably expect to see some radical rebellion and true resistance to change. Whenever we have such a line-up of cosmic forces, we're bound to get tangled up in our problems, and the kicker for today is how we get out of them.



The good thing about Aries transits is that, while they can create hostile environments or warrior-like behavior, we can also use the power of Aries to get out of whatever pit of distress we get ourselves into.


Pluto is up there, telling us that 'it's now or never' and that we have to get our stuff together. Aries is over here, working with lunar energy to make sure that we hesitate, second guess, and wait too long before moving on that change.

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In the long run, we will act, and we will make up our minds and get a move on. What makes this day somewhat difficult is that we watch ourselves get in our way, meaning we see that our indecision or rebellion is useless.

We know what the right thing to do is, and yet, we put it off until it's 'almost' too late. That's how the Aries Moon aligning with Pluto works to undermine us starting Sunday.


Two zodiac signs are emotionally strong on April 7, 2024:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

You desperately want things to work out with your romantic partner, but you've come to understand that this person is, by no means, going to come clean with you. This implies that by the time the Aries Moon aligns with Pluto on April 7, it will have become an influence in your life, and you'll realize that you've been lied to. Your partner might not even realize how far they slipped, but you do. Oh yes, you certainly do know.

This hurts you as you feel as though you've been duped or taken on a ride. You don't like being made a fool of, well, who does? But in your case, you really put all of your trust in this person. Now, their complete and utter lack of being able to take responsibility for their actions has led you to the place where you must seriously take into consideration the idea of breaking it off with them.

You can't be fooled again, and you won't. Your partner has made too many bad, bad mistakes, and you can't show them that you are the doormat waiting for the next mistake to be forgiven.


You can accept that this person needs to do the work for themselves and that, even though you still love and care for them, you cannot let them bring you so far down that all you have before you are 'their' troubles.

This person must work their own life out, and if you are to remain sane and healthy, then you have to own the idea that you're going to need to walk away. If you do, you will see a better, healthier life unfold for you.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

What you thought you could get away with turns out to be the very thing that snags you. During the Aries Moon's alignment with Pluto, you'll see that what you thought was once possible turns out to be not such a great thing. If you think that you could play with a person's heart without paying the price for such an action, then the Aries Moon's alignment with Pluto will show you that nobody gets away with that.


Honestly, you never sought to hurt anyone, and you are, indeed, a very kind person, but sometimes you get a little too close to a person. When that happens, you end up being the one who backs out to spare yourself the heartbreak of falling in love by accident. What you aren't aware of is that there are TWO hearts involved in this one, and you may end up hearing about it on this day, as the person whose heart was broken by you isn't letting you off that easily.

You can apologize. Why is saying one is sorry such a difficult task? We'll never know, but once it's done, so much good can come of it. If you're able to take responsibility for the emotional state you left a certain person in, you can turn it into a revelatory moment for both of you.

They can realize that you really didn't do it intentionally, and you can simultaneously realize that apologizing really does the trick. This day has the potential to change your life, in terms of how you handle another person's heart, in the future.


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