2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance On April 4 During The Aquarius Moon

When the Moon is in the untameable sign of Aquarius, you can shed what you don’t want and attract what you do.

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Although every planet in the cosmos makes up a part of who you are, it’s the Moon that sees your truth. In this energy, while you may be busy trying to do the right thing or what you think you should be doing,

it’s the Moon that tugs on your heart and reminds you of what you truly feel, which is a large part of what makes up your authentic self. So, while the Moon always sees your truth, it’s also responsible for setting it free.


On Thursday, April 4, the Waning Cresent Moon in Aquarius inspires you to release old wounds, negativity, or outdated ways of thinking so that you can align to your truth more deeply and radically manifest a life of abundance.

Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac, and although there is a strong connection to the collective, it is a sign that he also never makes a decision purely for the sake of others.


The energy of the Aquarius Moon lets you move into a phase of preparation for the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aries in just a few days as you reflect on what is no longer serving you and the abundant life you are trying to create. Remember, letting go only creates the space for something new to grow.

These two zodiac signs experience abundance on April 4, during the Waning Cresent Moon in Aquarius.

1. Gemini

The year ahead is going to be an incredible year for you. Not only is Jupiter, the planet of abundance, moving into your sign in May 2024 — but Pluto in Aquarius is now residing within your house of luck and abundance. You are poised to not just step into a new era in your life but to create what genuinely feels authentic and fulfilling to your soul, which will lead to an incredible new chapter in your life.

On Thursday, April 4, the Waning Cresent Moon in Aquarius will highlight your house of abundance, luck, and new opportunities with the awareness that you must listen to your feelings in order to choose the path of your fate. Waning Crescent Moons is a time for shedding what you no longer need or releasing negative energy or mindset. In Aquarius, this will serve as revolutionary energy as you are being guided to release the feelings that have held you back from taking a chance to create newness and expansion in your life.

Make sure that you’re not allowing anyone else to dictate your inner voice during this time, especially if they haven’t proven themselves to be supportive. There may be a lingering fear or worry about taking a chance in your life that was planted there by someone in your life. As much as people love you, it can be hard for others to encourage you to do something differently than they have or would. Take this as your sign to focus on your inner voice so that you let yourself take the chances in your career, relationship, and life that will bring you to the peak of abundance.


Abundance Affirmation for Gemini: I allow my intuition to guide me toward abundant new opportunities.

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2. Capricorn

To feel confident that you are on the right path comes down to knowing that in each step you’re taking, you’re being true to yourself. You are a very grounded earth sign that is incredibly skilled at proceeding through each step in order to accomplish whatever goal you’ve set. You will find greater success if you also check in with yourself and make sure that you’re making the moves that truly resonate with your heart.


On Thursday, April 4, the Waning Crescent Moon in Aquarius will rise in your house of wealth, values, and self-worth. The Waning Crescent Moon represents a need to release or let go of something that is weighing you down, while the energy of Aquarius is inspiring you to make choices as your most authentic self – even if it may rock the boat of life a bit.

This is your blessing, so it would be wise not to see it as a challenge. During this transit, you can focus more on how you want to do things in your college career, profession, or even overall life path. At a certain point, you need to make sure the destination you’re traveling to honors the truth of what you want over any obligations or responsibilities that no longer resonate with your soul.

Take this as your permission to break a few rules, to change things up, even to be considered selfish by others as you deeply honor the vision that you have for yourself and your life. This idea that is blooming within your life is divinely instilled within you as it will help you attract the wealth and success you desire. Just because you are called to do things differently than others doesn’t mean you’re wrong. In fact, it is just the necessary shift to catapult you into a completely new level of success.

Abundance Affirmation for Capricorn: I am honoring my truth. I attract wealth and success into my life.


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