2 Zodiac Signs Experience Healing During Mercury Retrograde From Now To April 7, 2024

It's the healing energy of Mercury in Aries that helps these zodiac signs feel whole once again.

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Some people couldn't care less about astrology. When things like 'Mercury retrograde' come up, they laugh and tell us all that we're out of our minds for believing in such nonsense.

Well, OK, as they say, it takes all kinds to make a world. Whether we trust astrology or not, we are all part of nature, and the universe, the planets, the stars, and their motion are all part of nature.

So, when Mercury retrograde starts in April, we feel it, as this is a natural cosmic event. It does affect us on the third planet from the Sun.


Not everyone easily snaps out of the retrograde funk; we're also experiencing much Mars/Aries super-energy, not to mention a few imposing Pluto and Saturn transits. At least two zodiac signs are feeling a bit put out.

One great thing to remember is that this is a week of great healing. As we all know, getting there is the hard part, and for two zodiac signs, it's all about the 'getting there.' We will make it, however, so rest assured that there really isn't anything that extreme about this week.


Once again, it's all about perception. Perception is everything, so if we see our troubles as temporary pitstops, all is well in our world. We take the good with the bad and call it a week. No biggie.

Two zodiac signs experience healing during Mercury retrograde from now to April 7, 2024:

1. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

Your zodiac sign is often associated with pride. That may be one of your issues this week, Leo. It may very well be one of those weeks when you are afraid to show vulnerability or act in a way that makes you feel like you're not in control.

You want people to think you're the boss, the authority. Because there's so much confusing retrograde energy floating about during this time, you may end up being very misunderstood.


For you, being misunderstood might make you overreact and will end up with you lecturing people until they 'get it.' This is, once again, your pride doing its work, and it doesn't feel that good because you may recognize that you're overdoing it at times.

Keep in mind that there's a ton of Mars energy surrounding you. It's no wonder you feel a bit hostile towards others, especially if your perception of them is that they don't understand you, nor can they.

You can recognize the situation for what it is, meaning that if you take a step back and take a breath to go with it, you can place a value on what you perceive as a misunderstanding. Does this person really misunderstand you? 

If so, is it worth going through so much raw emotion over it? You can back up and take it much easier by knowing that there's nothing important enough for you to feel bad about. Don't allow your pride to run the show.


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2. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

You are very used to succeeding. By now, you thought certain things in your life would be very blatant and clear. Yet this week shows you that you're still waiting, still trying to understand what's going on.

This is likely related to love, but it could be financial. Whatever it is, you are attached to an outcome you've committed to. When it doesn't pan out as you had it in your mind, you feel disappointed and frustrated.

When Aries presents itself in your life, as it will do so very heavily this week, you aren't sure what to do. You aren't like an Aries. You aren't spontaneous or impulsive. 


Yet, with Mercury retrograde kicking the week off at the top, you might feel like you are pushing too hard or making yourself do things that aren't natural. That you choose to do things you don't want to do necessarily makes you even more confused.

You can absolutely trust in the universe, knowing that it's always come through for you in the past and that there's no evidence that there will be danger or sudden upsets to go just because you are confused about something happening this week.

If you regain that Aquarius energy and forget what people say, you'll be back on track. This week is so very much about you trusting your gut and not trying too hard to be something or someone you're not. You're fantastic 'as is.' Don't suddenly push that idea aside.


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