5 Powerful Zodiac Signs See Relationships Improve Due To Ongoing Effects Of The Solar Eclipse Until May 2025

The best relationships are those that grow slowly.

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The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8 provided a stunning moment of opportunity for growth in the relationships of several powerful zodiac signs. A New Moon always brings a chance for a new beginning. Still, a Solar Eclipse magnifies this energy, and with it being the second Aries Eclipse in our current cycle, you may be revisiting past themes of April 2023. It’s important to remember, though, that eclipses are part of a bigger story in your life, one that you’re not going to see brought to fruition until the cycle closes in May of 2025. 


Adding to this period of consciously slowing down and honoring each step of the romantic process, Mercury will still be retrograde in Aries. While this is still a time to reflect and be mindful of any exes trying to return, Mercury in Cazimi with the Aries Sun on Friday, April 12 signified big change as the planet of communication emerged from the underworld and a new chapter began. This represents the second half of its retrograde, during which you will be guided to apply what you’ve learned. Let yourself practice being in the moment, knowing that although your heart may want it all immediately, it’s also safe to slow down and enjoy the steady building of a love affair that will continue to grow — no matter what season you may find yourself in.


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The zodiac signs whose relationships improve due to the ongoing effects of the Solar Eclipse until May of 2025: 

1. Libra

While everyone felt the power of the Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8, for you, it really was about being a catalyst moment in your romantic life. The Nodes of Fate have been moving through Aries and Libra since the summer of 2023, though there was a sneak preview of what was to come in April 2023. This represents an enormous amount of transformation within yourself and your romantic relationship, but don’t feel like you have to rush this process because the universe always does have a plan.

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 25 opened the Eclipse Portal. Also, it gave you an opportunity to reflect on yourself, what you really want, and the personal beliefs and feelings that you have that govern your romantic choices. This was an opening for you, and you first experienced an epiphany around October 14, 2023, with the New Moon in Libra. Now, as the Eclipse Portal closes with the Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8 in your romantic sector, focus on where it feels like you are being guided toward a new beginning. Use the energy that this sign represents about being able to own who you are and what you want from love. Don’t hold back in speaking your truth or expressing love, and while this romantic journey you're on will continue to play out over this year, be patient as you watch it become everything you dreamed of.


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2. Virgo

Focus your energy now on creating time for reconnection and romance. The Solar Eclipse, Mercury retrograde, and Venus were all in Aries, creating the space to reflect on what you want to improve upon in your connection and giving you the desire to do it. But in order to truly feel that spark of reconnection, you will have to be able to make your relationship your priority in life. Not in a way that sacrifices your growth or power but in knowing that your connection is as worthy to invest in as any other facet of your life.

Aries energy rules over themes related to desire, intimacy, connection, and also rebirth. Whether it’s attracting a new partner or rekindling your existing one, the Solar Eclipse, Venus, and even Mercury retrograde in this fire sign gives you the ability to do just that. The energy gave you just the push you need to move forward instead of saying what if or reminiscing.

Try to plan some quality time with your partner or the person you love very soon. Whether its taking some days off of work or planning a weekend away, the most important thing to remember is that your relationship will only get better if you put in the time to improve it. Try to embrace a bit of that Aries energy and be bolder when it comes to saying what you feel or want, as clarity will help your partner know precisely how you need to be loved. 


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3. Sagittarius

Once you’ve found the person you’ve dreamed of, it doesn’t mean that the journey to deepen your connection is finished. Even the process of a relationship, from engagement to actually saying I do, serves as an opportunity for growth and exploration of the love you share. This year will be bringing in a significant romantic commitment or the possibility of expanding your family, so the idea isn’t that you have to rush but be willing to take the nudge forward when the universe offers it.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aries lit up your house of marriage, commitment, children and joy. Because of the North Node being in Aries all year, you will see significant progress in these areas of your life. Although Mercury retrograde is still happening and is not known for being the best time to start new things, you might find yourself returning to a commitment you had previously made or discussed with your partner.

There is never one right way to create a relationship, which means there are times that it may take you a few tries to take the path that is in alignment with your heart. The energy the Solar Eclipse in Aries gives you isn’t only about improving your relationship but also bringing you to the next level of commitment, as long as you’re willing to grow together and make the effort to do so.


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4. Capricorn

The ongoing effects of the Solar Eclipse in Aries brings improvements for you a little closer to home as you are guided to make improvements in your committed relationship and the sense of domestic intimacy that you share with your partner. Aries energy rules over the area of your life that is considered your roots, incorporating themes of home, family, living arrangements, and partnership. You are now guided to make improvements in this area of your life, whether it’s deciding to move in together, purchasing a new home, or repairing relationships with other family members, which can improve your romantic connection.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aries joined together with Sun, Venus, and Mercury retrograde, giving you a chance to focus your energy on developing the strongest roots that you can. If you’ve been considering reaching out to a family member that you’ve had a fractured relationship with, then this is the time to do it. You can also start looking at properties if a physical move is the plan, but try to hold off on making any offers until after Mercury is direct on April 25.

Capricorns specifically may also find that the energy simply makes you develop a deeper appreciation of your partner and the value they add to your life, especially if you live together already or spend significant time with one another. Let this be part of a bigger shift toward truly embracing this new chapter in your life, where it’s not only career success that matters but the one found within truly being surrounded by love.


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5. Aries

You went through an important emotional realization with the Libra Lunar Eclipse on March 25. This may have served as a bigger fruition point from themes that began around the Libra New Moon on October 14, 2023. Libra energy governs your romantic relationships and matters of love. With the Nodes of Fate, which govern the series of eclipses in Aries and Libra until May 2025, you can already sense that you are in a hugely transformative time of your life. So, while it’s important to seize the opportunities, it’s also crucial to remember that there is no rushing the sort of change that you genuinely desire.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries was part of a bigger story that you are moving through. Although Aries energy governs over your house of self, that’s also what you really need to focus on at this time to make the most of the opportunities for romantic growth in your life. The Solar Eclipse, Sun, Venus, and Mercury retrograde were all in Aries. Each one is serving an important part of this much-needed process for you.


The Solar Eclipse and New Moon brought you the new beginning you have truly been in need of, while Venus will help you to love yourself through the period of reflection and growth that Mercury retrograde is taking you on. You have to get clear on what you need from love, and that also factors into who you choose to partner with. Whatever occurred with the Libra Lunar Eclipse on March 25, you must be willing to release it so you have space for the fresh new energy that will be coming into your life.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.