2 Zodiac Signs Overcome Hardships & Experience Abundance By The End Of April 2024

We may have to jump over a few unforeseen hurdles, but the outcome is good.

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We win some, and we lose some. If we're smart enough, we turn our losses into gains by learning whatever lessons are inherent in our experience. Whatever happens in April of 2024, one thing stands clear: Two zodiac signs will come out the other side with more abundance than they could have ever imagined. They may have to jump over a few unforeseen hurdles, but the outcome is good. We just have to 'get there' now.


April started off with Mercury retrograde on day one, and that may automatically shake us to our core. While nothing tragic is about to happen, we might want to brace ourselves for a serious misunderstanding that could take a lot of work to figure out. This is what will set the month up, and this could possibly be where these two zodiac signs begin their journey. We know that we'll get through it, but as the month begins, we really won't be able to know how things got 'this' messed up so fast.

With the abundant Aries energy that accompanies us throughout the entire month (plus, Taurus season is coming on the 20th), we will may end up doing things like 'taking someone else's words too seriously' or 'going out of our way to misunderstand the actions of another person.' What makes this month a little harder for some than for others lies in the fact that we're going to make life more difficult for ourselves simply because we aren't looking in the right direction for guidance or answers. That's OK, though, as we will come out of any turmoil shining in the long run. So, don't worry too much. You will see how much you win by the time the month of April is over. 


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The two lucky zodiac signs who overcome their hardships and experience abundance by the end of April 2024: 

1. Cancer 

Your main antagonist is Mercury retrograde, which began on April 1, 2024. But when have you ever fallen apart just because you get a rough day here or there? If it's all about starting the month out on the wrong foot, well, heck, there's an entire month here to get it right, and you're very good at that.

What creates hardship for you is the idea that something goes wrong right at the top of the month, and you'll spend excessive amounts of time trying to right that wrong. Because of a few ego-related issues, you may not want to learn the lessons that are being handed to you, as the universe is totally setting you up, Cancer. There's a serious 'blessing in disguise' moment heading your way. In your case, the only way to do it is through it.



What Cancers can work on to make the month of April better: You can trust that so far, you've managed to get yourself this far in life, so there's no evidence to show that you won't make it through hard times once again. that's not to say that all of April is about 'hard times...' It's not. You'll see what you need to take seriously and what you need to let go of, as this is the main lesson this month. Don't take it all so seriously. Learn to let go and watch what happens. Cancer is amazing. This one's going to take trust. Once you catch on to the idea that the universe has something great in store for you, you'll regain your confidence.


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2. Libra 

Whatever you did to get yourself to this place, you might as well stand back and take a bow, Libra. You worked hard to find yourself here, in a good place, in April 2024. Now, what presses on you is the idea of keeping it up. Yeah, that's life for you. It's always making demands, and we're always having to live up to them. So, what you're really looking at during April of '24 is the idea of endurance.

There's a lot of pressure on you coming from home and at work. April brings in all the fresh new ideas, which, in your case, means new work, new assignments, new chores, and new goals. While all of this inspires you and brings out your best, it also tires you out, as sometimes you don't feel you're up to all that energy-expelling work. You may find that while everyone in your life seems to have adopted a 'go go go' attitude, there you are, desperately feeling you need a vacation in Maui.



What Libra can work on to make the month of April better: Well, you can go to Maui. If you can't do anything extravagant, you can definitely take some time and personal space to unwind. What you've done is convince yourself that you need to be present for 'all the big new things,' and the reality is that you need to do no such thing. You are only human, and while that can be quite impressive, it's also demanding. If you want to make April a better experience, then allow yourself the downtime that your body is apparently demanding of you. It's all OK, Libra. 


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