3 Zodiac Signs See A Potential Red Flag In Their Relationship On March 14, 2024

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zodiac signs see a red flag in their relationship on march 14, 2024

Wow, certain transits happen in our cosmic sky that just state what they're all about in their names. On this day, March 14, we are going to fully understand that punch of power that comes with the transit of the Sun sextile the Moon square Mars.

It's almost as if the Sun is shining down on something that must alert us. Indeed, this day is all about being alert and possibly acting on it.

This is the day we see the red flags, and this more than likely pertains to our romantic relationships. While nobody here wants to see something that disturbs them about their partner, we certainly can't get it out of our minds if we do. 

Even though this might not be a big deal, it's something that pops up on this day and may even be considered a red flag. We are alerted to something new on this day, and for these three zodiac signs, it would mean we need to look closer.

So, one of the things we have to keep in mind on this day is that while we feel we need to be vigilant and aware, we must also know that there are two sides to every coin. 

Before we judge and try our partners, we need to step back and analyze first. Are these really red flags, or are we being too picky? We may indeed be right, and our intuition might be spot on. Before we jump to any conclusions, let's see where this goes first.

These are the 3 zodiac signs who see a red flag in their current relationship.

As a result of this awareness, they realize something needs to change on March 14, 2024.

1. Aries, your eyes are open.

When it comes to trusting your gut, you are all over this one, Aries. You are quite keen on listening to that inner voice, especially when it tells you to be on guard and stay alert.

When the Sun forms a sextile aspect with the Moon while simultaneously squaring Mars on March 14, your 'spider senses' will be totally activated. You'll see something that you, perhaps, wish you didn't see.

You'll see something that another person in your life does, and you won't really be all that thrilled with the experience. In fact, what they do sends off 'red flag' responses in you, which may have you pulling away from them. You aren't judging them as of yet. You will want to see if you've seen it all correctly, which you may not have, and that's what you'll get to the bottom of in time.

In the same way that we've heard the cinematic expression of 'there's a disturbance in the Force,' you, too, will feel as though something has ripped through your cosmic understanding of this person and that it is your right to explore this warning sign.

You aren't ready to write this person out of your life just yet, though, so what Sun sextile Moon square Mars is really giving you is a chance to weigh your options on this day, Aries.

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2. Taurus, your gut is telling you to investigate.

(April 20 - May 20)

During Sun sextile Moon, what you're feeling is a good sense of 'everything is going OK,' but because Mars squares it, the introduction of 'something fishy' comes in. That's what's got you sensing that something is not right on this day, March 14. While everything 'looks' OK, you can't help but pick up on something that someone said to you recently. For some reason, whatever they've said now sounds like a red flag to you.

You are generally someone who takes things less seriously and goes with the flow, always hoping for an optimistic outlook. Yet, you can't deny the fact that something is eating at you on this day, simply because whatever this person said isn't so much about the content of what they said but about the NERVE they had to say it. It's as if you saw something you shouldn't have seen. Now, on this day, you can't get it out of your head.

What this transit really is trying to tell you is to watch out, be vigilant, and just stay open. There's nothing here that tells you to act out on your senses yet. What you are reading as red flags needs to be tested out before you decide that whatever you're reading is negative. It may not be that bad, but it's a good thing that you can at least pick up on these things. This is how you protect yourself and evaluate if something is a threat or not.

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3. Sagittarius, you know that you know.

(November 22 - December 21)

The red flag moment that you will experience on this day, March 14, is all about something you realize within yourself, Sagittarius. You may find that you need to ask yourself if your behavior is your own or if you are unconsciously acting like someone else. What does this mean? Well, in this case, we're looking at how we sometimes take on aspects of our parents. While we want to live authentic, unique lives, we sometimes end up imitating our parents' behavior, and that, for you, is a major red flag.

You've come so far in your life, and during the Sun sextile Moon square Mars, you are ultimately aware of the idea that it takes work for you to stay on track when it comes to being yourself and not acting like your parents or a particular parent. On this day, however, you will say something that 'sounds a little too much like' a particular parent, and you will immediately halt yourself mid-step.

It's interesting how red flags come into our lives, as they don't always have to do with what we're picking up in other people. For you, on this day, it's all about you noticing your behavior and seeing that if you act a certain way, you'll trigger your own need to rebel against that behavior, meaning that you're able to stop yourself from doing something you don't want to do because you're able to recognize exactly what NOT to do next. This is all very, very good. You're growing up, Sagittarius!

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