Which 2 Zodiac Signs Will Experience Abundance Before Pisces Season Ends On March 19, 2024

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Which 2 Zodiac Signs Will Experience Abundance Before Pisces Season Ends On March 19, 2024

“Abundance isn’t something we acquire, but something we tune into.” - W. Dyer. 

Abundance is fulfillment. It is feeling as if not just your needs are being met but that your cup is truly overflowing with goodness, opportunity, and more amazingness than you ever thought possible.

To live an abundant life, though, requires first healing a wound around lack or scarcity in which you fear losing what you earned or are given.

We still can feel the magic of this month's New Moon in Pisces, and you will finally be able to shed those wounds and realize that you have always been worthy of everything you seek.  

Sunday, March 10, the New Moon in Pisces brought you the opportunity to seize a brand-new beginning where you can live your most abundant life.

If you performed any abundance rituals, such as burying your written intention beneath an oregano plant or blowing cinnamon through your front door, you might begin to see signs of their fruition before Pisces season ends on March 19.  

Pisces is the zodiac sign that represents oneness, the deepest dreams, and the purpose of your soul. This energy reconnects you with what you are meant to do and experience in this life, which will always be what leads you to your greatest abundance. A New Moon works its magic, as you are encouraged to see where something is beginning in your life or what you want to show your intentions to create in the new lunar cycle.  

Although there are differing ways to view the lunar cycles, for this lunation, you will want to be mindful that what you are beginning now or setting an intention for will likely take longer than the two weeks to the next Full Moon to realize fully.

In this space, you want to try to use the Piscean energy, especially consistently; Saturn will be present here with this Moon until the Pisces Full Moon on September 17, which also happens to be a Lunar Eclipse —  the first in a new cycle.  



The Pisces season beckons you into a space of greater healing, where you are ready to take advantage of the energy of the new astrological year and Vernal Equinox that will occur in just a few weeks.

This is the time to create space for reflection, to give yourself what you most need, and to bathe in the sweet darkness of this lunation. Step into the radiance of self-worth and set your intention to manifest the most abundant life you can imagine.  

Which two zodiac signs will experience abundance before Pisces season ends on March 19, 2024 

1. Aquarius  

(January 20 - February 18) 

Pisces energy governs your house of self-worth and financial wealth, which can help you tune into how the life you create will only reflect you. In this space, because Pisces is a highly emotional water sign, you need to ensure you are digging deep to make sure that there are no fears around others seeing you differently than you see yourself.

This can manifest as a fear of expressing your needs or desires because you have doubts about how it will be received. When you truly know what you are worth, then you act as a magnet, drawing opportunities and abundance directly into your life.  

At the time of the New Moon in Pisces, Saturn was within this zodiac sign, joined by Venus who is now in Pisces. While a New Moon brings about a new beginning, Venus represents themes of love, finances, and real estate, while Saturn may help you overcome some of those nights of the soul moments. The idea here is to learn from your past so that you can embody greater self-love for yourself, which will always lead to you being able to set the bar higher for what you will receive.  

The New Moon in Pisces favors new financial endeavors, requests for raises, personal business, or an unexpected monetary gift. Whatever crosses your path, though, at this time, will be a direct result of your past actions and choices because Saturn is present. It’s crucial to give yourself time to process and reflect on what is currently arising in your life, especially if you’ve felt strained or challenged recently, as the underlying reason may very well be your self-worth. 

Don’t be afraid to take risks under this lunation, especially with this lunar cycle in Pisces ending with a Lunar Eclipse in September. There are abundant opportunities and changes on the horizon, but knowing what you deserve to receive and how you should be treated will set the tone for everything you can manifest.  

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2. Cancer  

(June 21 - July 22) 

The Pisces New Moon peaked in your house of luck and abundance, making this an especially powerful occurrence for you — and it’s long overdue. The past year was particularly challenging for you as you moved through the final lessons of Pluto in Capricorn, highlighting themes of relationships and love.

As much as the energy has shifted this year and much of the past is behind you, it still felt like a cloud was hanging over you. This isn’t about intuition regarding what’s to come but a fear of having hope to exhale and trust that the worst is behind you.  

As the Pisces New Moon activates this area of your life, the moment you’ve been waiting for finally arrives. It is a release and the exhalation of a thousand worries that have burdened your shoulders, but it also brings about new opportunities for you. Because of the healing nature of this lunation, you will finally be able to trust the newness coming in with hope so that you can take advantage of each moment.  

While Pisces governs luck and abundance for you, it also brings up themes of finances, travel, education and spirituality. Having a New Moon in the sector of your life that genuinely represents new beginnings means that you are being urged to look at life differently. You will change how you approach situations and step out of whatever rut you’ve been in, seeing that the universe is calling you to something more.  

Approach the the rest of this month with curiosity and trust. Try to find a balance between quiet moments of self-care so that you may shed those fears once and for all by getting back to the business of living your life. You don’t have to exist within survival mode any longer. Instead, you are invited to step into what it means to thrive truly.  

Stop looking for reasons why it won’t work — whether it’s a relationship, a desire to travel, or pursuing a specific program. And start seeing that the entire universe really is conspiring to help elevate you and your life so that you can live more abundantly. Be brave under this lunation, take a risk, and trust the direction that your soul is leading you to because this is just the beginning of all the beauty the universe has in store. 

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