3 Zodiac Signs Are Given A Second Chance To Change On March 9, 2024

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zodiac signs who are given a second chance

Imagine living a life where you are conscious that you once made a mistake, and forever after, you were never accepted back simply because nobody wanted you around as you were 'that' person who made 'that' mistake once, so long ago.

How awful it would be to be judged by other imperfect people in such a way that you were never granted a second chance, even if you completely believed in yourself and were a thousand percent ready to take responsibility for your mistake.



If there were a day set aside to allow you a second chance, one that you could trust was real, then that would be on Saturday, as we have Mercury in Aries to the rescue. While neither of these celestial bodies is connected with forgiveness, when they are put together, they have a healing effect that gives us the idea that we can move on.

We believe in second chances during Mercury in Aries, so we grant ourselves this divine privilege.

Three zodiac signs will notice that they are fed up with being pigeonholed, and the cry for freedom will come from deep within our souls. We no longer wish to be judged by our past mistakes.

We will send this message out to the universe. The universe will grant us this wish and zodiac signs because we are the same as our desires. For three signs, the ruling desire of the day is to be set free, to show the world that a second chance is our liberation.

Three zodiac signs are given a second chance to change on March 9, 2024:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

The thing about second chances is that if you were the one who was wronged, you might not take to forgiveness as easily, but if you were the one who accidentally wronged another, you might believe that you deserve a second chance. The truth behind both ways of thinking is that it all depends on forgiveness. Are we willing to forgive and release, or are we bent on sticking with a punishing attitude, whether it's towards ourselves or someone else?

What you will find is that this works both ways in your life, Gemini, as there is someone who knows you need a second chance. That same person is the one you've wronged as well, which has you desiring their forgiveness as well. You secretly crave a reunion with the person whom you've had a major blowout with, knowing you were both wrong and that you both need a second chance.

While this day's transit of Mercury in Aries doesn't guarantee that reunion, it most definitely has you wondering if such a reunion is even possible. The probable fact is that, of course, it's possible. It's just a matter of pride at this point. You deserve a second chance, and so do they. Now, it's all about who is the braver person and who's got enough nerve to make the first move. It could be you; Gemini could be you.

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

For the longest time, you've wondered whether you did the right thing when you ghosted that person who was once your best friend. Yes, they angered you and got on your nerves. You decided that everything they did and said was either wrong, offensive, or worthy of being ignored. As time went on, you built a wall to hold up against that person, as if they were really some kind of monster.

They were not a monster, Scorpio, and you've known this for so long. They were your best friend, and you decided to unilaterally shut the gates down on them, telling yourself that what you were doing was right. You got mad, and you overreacted, ending up dismantling the friendship. You got your way, and now, on March 9, you regret having gone that far.

What's happening is that with the help of the transit Mercury in Aries, you are feeling the pains of that regret because you know you miss the heck out of this friend, and you wish you hadn't gone so far. But we humans do that sometimes. We go too far, and we overreact.

Well, this is the day that you realize what you did, and it will also occur to you that your regret is your ticket to being forgiven. You want your pal back, and you believe that you deserve a second chance. And you're willing to show them that you are sincere and conscientious. This next time will be different, you promise!

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

In the past, you've enjoyed standing your ground and facing people off, knowing that your decision or opinion is the right one. If someone chooses to disagree, then that is their right. However, their right to choose has often become your excuse to mistreat them, as in the past, you didn't like being contradicted. In fact, you may have ended up treating them poorly simply for disagreeing with you. The past had you believing it was OK to treat someone that way.

However, the present shows that you've grown and learned so much over the years that you realize now that you can't treat people rudely and expect them to stick around. Since you've changed so much, and for the better, you believe you should be given a second chance. You want to show those you've loved and disposed of that you are not the same person as you once were. You want them to see that you are kind and caring.

The transit of Mercury in Aries, and it's a powerful one, that's for sure. It has the fury within it to blow away all notions of the past, and the revelation it brings you on this day, Pisces, is that you really are worthy of forgiveness.

You are ready to forgive yourself, and that opens the gates of love for you. Believing that you deserve a second chance is your way of showing yourself that you believe that you are worthy of someone else's love and respect.

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