3 Zodiac Signs Unlock A New Level Of Authenticity & Confidence Starting On March 8

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3 Zodiac Signs Are Happy With Who They Are On March 8, 2024

Interestingly enough, March 8, 2024, will take us on a mental journey that leads to a place we didn't think we'd end up. Because we are working with the transit of Mercury conjunct Neptune, what we will get by the time this day is over is nothing short of a major revelation.

Because Mercury conjunct Neptune is a 'mental' transit, we will be using the power of our minds on this day. When focused and aimed at the good, we can only have stellar results. Three zodiac signs will find that the only thing that has always held them back was the idea that they were constantly comparing themselves to false ideals and the perceived 'perfection' of others.

We look at faces online, faces and bodies that are filtered and tweaked. We see the glowing, happy smiles of those who seem like their lives are perfect or, if anything, better than ours.



But what a silly thing that is once it's recognized for what it is. During Mercury's conjunct to Neptune, we will give ourselves a very realistic look at what's really going on. Discovering that we have fallen into the trap of comparing ourselves and our lives to others is a losing game.

However, once we 'get that,' we transform into new beings of confidence. Our individuality and uniqueness are our superpowers. We no longer need to hold ourselves up to unrealistic standards.

These three zodiac signs are finally happy with who they are on March 8, 2024:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

You are wondering about your own life and figuring out that certain things really aren't working for you. You feel as though you've driven yourself a little up the wall by comparing yourself constantly to the lives of others.

It's on this day, as Mercury conjuncts Neptune rules the sky, that it hits you: the lives you compare yourself to are false. They are photos, blogs, and quick videos exhibited on social media. They are not 'real life.'

And yet, here you are, living your 'real life,' and your life looks nothing like the lives of the glamorous social-media elite. Being that you are brilliant, you may consider that on this day, you are suddenly no longer interested in believing that you've somehow been at a disadvantage. You have just as much chance at happiness as the social elite. What's kept you back? Has it been that you've compared yourself to an unrealistic standard?

Bingo. Yes, that's what's been going on, and it's instilled in you envy, jealousy, feelings of insecurity, and self-doubt. On this day, during Mercury conjunct Neptune, the reining feeling will be much more along the lines of 'Well, who needs that?' Then, it will be about how you compare yourself to a lie that is not 'all that' in the long run.

This is the day you liberate yourself from believing that someone else, anyone else, has it better than you. They quite simply don't, and there's no longer a reason to compare yourself.

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

As a competitive person, you like to know that you're the best in so much of what you do. Over the years, you feel you can no longer compete because look at what you're up against. All the beauty, the pore-less faces, the angled chins, the cheekbones, the slender figures, the fit bodies. What's a person to do amid all this projected perfection found online?

For you, the realization hits big on this day, March 8. During Mercury's conjunct to Neptune, you'll see this is not for you. You don't like thinking of yourself as someone who is constantly comparing yourself to other people. You wouldn't accept it if someone else were comparing you to a person they thought was 'better' than you, so why on earth do you do this to yourself?

That's when it all takes an about-face and changes for you. The transformation is not only earth-shattering, it's necessary, as you are not someone who needs to take a backseat to an image that isn't even real.

The days of comparing yourself to the false image of beauty are over Scorpio. It's time to return to the confident person you've always been before you bought into the social media image-making machine. Avoid!

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

Friday introduces you to the idea that you can only be you and that all the judgment you poured on yourself is a lie of the mind. You used to believe in yourself, Sagittarius, and for a long time there, you might have been on a high horse, so to speak, as you've always been the most confident in the bunch. Then, social media came in and showed people what they could do to improve their natural looks. Somehow, they became star-struck by the images they saw.

This day shows you that 'star struck' is a state of fraud. Your vision will clear on this day. Instead of seeing all the beautiful, touched-up faces, you'll see a world in dire need of self-love. You don't want to have to play this game any longer, as you wish very badly to return to loving yourself and knowing yourself as just fine 'as is.' During this day's transit, Mercury conjunct Neptune, you'll see you're on the right track. You don't have to believe the lie.

You are recognizing what is being lost to false imagery. That's all about confidence and trust that we are who we are, which has to be beautiful in its own right. You may be the only one who feels this way, but it will catch on soon enough. We can't continue to show photos of ourselves that barely represent who we are. As for you, the days of comparing yourself to those false photos are over. Kaput, it has ended. Welcome to freedom as you like it, Sagittarius.

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