3 Zodiac Signs Pursue Their Dreams During The Rare Mercury, Saturn & Sun Cazimi This Week

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3 Zodiac Signs Pursue Their Dreams On February 28, 2024

Starting February 28, 2024, three zodiac signs have an improved chance to pursue a dream — and attain it. We will experience the Sun simultaneously in conjunction with Mercury and Saturn while the Moon is in Scorpio.

A double planetary pattern in cazimi with the Sun forming a stellium in the sign of Pisces is an astrological condition that is both rare and flammable in a poetic sort of way.

We've got something special to look forward to, and if we are one of the three zodiac signs highlighted this week, then we may feel as though this is Day One of a major journey in the pursuit of a dream.

Saturn's energy lets us know what we're up against; it lays down the law and shows us the rules. This is what we must remember when we go after our dream if we are to make this dream a reality. There's a certain kind of realism that comes with Saturn energy, and when blended with Mercury and Scorpio, we're looking at going after a dream because that dream is possible.

We are not 'dreaming the impossible dream' this week, starting February 28, 2024. We are gathering our sources together to achieve something great within the realm of what is doable. This also means and implies that we CAN succeed if we can get ourselves up and into the work needed. It's on us. We are here to pursue a dream, and the stars are here to give us all the backup we might need.

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Three zodiac signs can decide to pursue their dreams this week, thanks to the rare double cazimi in Saturn.

The magic starts on February 28, 2024, and if they take advantage of this rare energy, they are also most likely to reach their goals.

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

You are someone who has always dreamed big, and you've spent enough time living in a bit of dreamworld to know that some of these aspirations are just plain impossible. For instance, if you dream of living on Jupiter, then you have probably figured out by now that this would be listed as THE 'impossible dream.' What's interesting is that as you get older, you've come to fine-tune those dreams —  and what you want now is very doable...and that inspires you to reach out for it,

Beginning February 28, 2024, you'll be tugged by both Mercury and Saturn and these planets in their transit formations will jog something inside you that will have you knowing that you need to make sense out of the dreams you pursue so that you can actually begin the work of pursuing them in earnest. You want reality; you want truth. You don't want to waste your time in fantasyland, and you know that your dreams are now well planned out and ready for you to get on, for real.

This is the week that signifies the beginning for you; as you know, you can see the future, and it looks very doable...if you approach this pursuit realistically. There are things you want to achieve, and you know that, in this case, two plus two equals four. What that means is that the only way you can create success is by going by the numbers. Your success depends on how realistic your plan is, Taurus. Good luck; the stars are on your side!

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

You have spent much time going over the plans you have that lead to creating the dream you have in mind for your life and your career. You have spent enough time figuring out the hard way what doesn't work and what has a solid chance of seeing great fortune, and now, during Mercury conjunct Saturn, you feel as though the timing is right...you feel driven and enthusiastic and so much of that comes to you because you recognize that the timing is right.

Starting February 28, 2024, just FEELS good to you. This is as good a day as any to start the pursuit of your dream in earnest. You have zero interest in chasing a dream that has no chance of coming true, and you feel that life is too short to go after something iffy at best. While dreams are not always surefire things, yours just happen to be things you've worked hard enough to fine-tune, and now, your vision is clear: you can do this, and you know it.

You have come to understand that while you've made mistakes in your life, you are not defined by the failures that once got you down. In fact, you feel more confident than ever simply because you have forgiven yourself your 'failures,' Now, everything in your life seems to be part of the foundation of strength you've built to pursue those amazing dreams of yours.

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3. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

If there's a decision to be made that affects the way you perceive your own future, then you will find that during Mercury conjunct Saturn that decision will be fine-tuned and filled with clarity. What goes on this week is all about being honest with yourself. You want to accomplish things in your lifetime, and your gut feeling tells you there's no time like the present to start that engine up.

This week is all about recognizing the perfect timing to get up and get out there. You have a vision you want to pursue, and you've got no time to waste. What's also so important about the way Mercury conjunct Saturn hits you is that you're not just pursuing a fantasy; this is a well-planned, incredibly elegant strategy for success, and you plan on seeing it through, key by key. This is no pipe dream; this is an organized pursuit.

What makes you so happy about this is that you can clearly see your success. Creative visualization helps you get there, but the power of Mercury conjunct Saturn shows you that it's not just about visualizing, it's also about action and rolling up those sleeves and getting your hands dirty is what you're all about this week. You are stoked for success, as you feel your dreams are well within your abilities to make them real.

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