3 Zodiac Signs Uncover A Partner's Manipulative Behavior On February 21, 2024

Once we know, we don't go back to not knowing.

3 Zodiac Signs Have Learned To Be Smarter About Love On February 21, 2024 PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay | Canva

Love most certainly is a tricky game, and if you don't see it that way, then there's a good chance you haven't played. This isn't cynical or jaded; this is real life, and to love another human being in a romantic way is to really see what that other person is made of.

We learn much in love relationships. Unfortunately, one of the lessons that makes itself abundantly available is the one where we know our partner is being manipulative and not telling us the truth.


On February 21, 2024, during this day's transit of Moon opposite Pluto, we will not only see that our partner 'tricked' us into thinking one thing when something utterly different was taking place. 

We will 'get it,' and that point will feel hurtful...but refreshing. When we 'get it,' we refer to the idea of finally figuring out that we have been lied to and that once we know, we don't go back to not knowing.



Ignorance is bliss, they say, but all it really is is ignorance, and that's not generally a state many lovers wish to live in. We get into relationships with the idea of trust in our minds and hearts.


To be lied to or deceived usually comes as way too much of a shock for us to not get the point. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on me." We won't get fooled again after this transit. The Moon opposite Pluto lets us see what we've needed seeing for a long, long time.

Three zodiac signs learn to be smarter about love after manipulation on February 21, 2024:

1. Aries 

When you first got together with the person you're presently in a romantic relationship with, the dynamic was something that was very appealing to you. You liked the little games, and you enjoyed the teases. As long as things were understood between the two of you, life could go on that way until you got bored. And so far, so good...or so you thought.

What's going on during Moon opposite Pluto on February 21, 2024, is that your partner has taken their treatment of you to a new level, and it's one that you could only call 'disrespect.'

Oh no, that won't be happening. Teasing you is one thing, but what this person has started to implement into their ritual is not something you signed on for, and you, being an Aries, will definitely have something to say about it. You like playing around and having fun with your partner, but if they've got some kind of control-freak agenda in mind, then 'bye-bye' will be your response.


You love sharing romantic ideas, and you're no prude. You'll experience and have a great time investigating the paths that lead to desire and romance...but your partner is playing mind games with you, which becomes obvious during Moon opposite Pluto. You're all for change and novel thinking, but you are all about equality and discussion. If your partner won't talk things out, then it's a 'no-go.'

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2. Leo 

You have always been an idealist, and when it comes to your romantic relationship, there have been times in the past when your partner clearly does things that annoy you that you consciously push aside so that you can deal with them. In other words, you've turned a blind eye to their antics to like them better. You convince yourself that nothing is wrong when all you're really doing is denying the truth, and that truth disturbs you.

During this day's transit, Moon opposite Pluto, you will see that you can no longer pretend that your partner's behavior is good, and you'll see that on February 21, 2024, you will notice that they are taking their weird behavior a step further and that's where it all comes crashing to a major halt. Ah...no. Nope. It's one thing to do 'that' but a whole other thing to do 'this.' And 'this' is what you won't accept.


They may have had you fooled, and you may have enabled them to do so, but during Moon opposite Pluto, you'll see that even you have your limitations, and when it comes to them getting over on you yet again, this time, you'll back out, and you'll do it with words and actions. On February 21, 2024, your partner will know that you are not 'as dumb as you look' as the expression goes; you're not dumb, and you don't look it! What you DO look like on this day is FIERCE.

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3. Aquarius 

The last time someone pulled the wool over your head, you let them know that that was not only the last time you'd ever be available for that kind of treatment but that you yourself were now made much more aware of how naive you can be...and that's where it all ended.

Naivete plays a large role in how you can keep your amazing imagination going, but if someone dares to take advantage of that trait, that's definitely the last time that happens.


On February 21, 2024, you will see that you've matured, and while you still have your wonderful imagination, you aren't the same person you once were when you allowed people to take advantage of you. Whereas, once you were someone whom others could trick or fool into believing something preposterous, you are now that person who is clearly stubborn; you don't just believe everything simply because someone had the nerve to put it in words.

During the transit of Moon opposite Pluto, you feel good about the change that has taken place inside you, as you'll see that this has only made you a stronger person. You've always been a unique individual, even someone who maintains a certain kind of innocence, and yet, you are way smarter now than you used to be, and if someone equates your innocence with naiveté, they'll find out the hard way that you simply cannot be fooled again.

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