3 Zodiac Signs Will Feel So Much Happier After A Breakup On February 21, 2024

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3 Zodiac Signs Will Feel So Much Happier After A Breakup On February 21, 2024

Getting to the place where we recognize that we are literally happier without the person we just broke up with is a long journey. It usually comes with one of those 'dark nights of the soul.'

It isn't easy to break up with someone, and we always feel like we're losing a piece of ourselves in the act. Yet, we know it must be. During the Moon opposite Venus on February 21, 2024, we will carry out this act. Surprisingly, we will feel much better after it's over. 



We may not know it at the time, but the relationship that demands an ending has real meaning to it. If we feel that something is wrong and that the only solution here is to end up and get out, then we really have to follow our hearts. February 21, 2024, is one such day. 

During the Moon opposite Venus, we will not only end a romance, but we will know that we did the right thing.

Three zodiac signs are true to themselves in this regard. We aren't here to suffer. We want peace and love. If we're going to be spending that kind of time with another human being, then we are striving for happiness and contentment. When we break up, and suddenly, that happiness seems clear, we know we've done the right thing. It's all OK.

Three zodiac signs feel happier after a breakup on February 21, 2024:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

There's a bittersweet recognition that takes place on this day, February 21, 2024. for you, Gemini, it looks like you are finally getting over that one person that you've been pining for what feels like way too long. You held on to that torch for such a long time. 

During this day's transit of the Moon opposite Venus, you will notice that the further away you get from that once-romantic situation, the better off you are.

You didn't think that this would be possible, as it seems to be the exact opposite of what you thought you'd be feeling, but it turns out that the pain you anticipated as a result of this breakup is really quite liberating instead. What you didn't think would happen is happening, giving you an oddly surprising sense of happiness. How different!

And you will take that ball and run with it, Gemini, as you really are into being happy, despite what you've told yourself about your fate. You aren't destined to be a sad sack all your life. Even though you've come across as someone who refuses any kind of real joy, you'll see that breaking up with the person you just ended it with really does bring you a certain kind of completion. And that's exactly what you need to feel happy. Thank Moon opposite Venus for that realization.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

At first, breaking up with the person you had just spent so much quality time with really felt like heartbreak that was going to last and last. Yet, February 21, 2024, shows you that even heartache fades with time. Oddly enough, it didn't take that long this time around.

During the transit of the Moon opposite Venus, you'll see that breaking up, while hard to do, has a purpose. That's what you will discover on this day.

While you don't want to think of this as a 'great day,' you are going to come to understand that the feelings you are experiencing now, on February 21, 2024, are ones you can acknowledge.

Understand this, Libra: you don't owe this person your lifelong regret. You paid the price with the sadness you've already felt. Should you feel free from that sadness during the Moon opposite Venus, then accept that as a good thing.

Because it's good to be happy, and that's the goal of all of it. So, if you aren't with your partner and you happen to feel pretty good about that, is that something you need to question? No. You've graduated to the next level of healing, which is made possible to you through the healing powers that come with the influence of the transit Moon opposite Venus.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

You have a couple of ways of looking at the breakup you just endured. One way shows you that it's a sad state of affairs and that it could bring you immense grief if you dwell on it for too long. The other way is that this couldn't have happened fast enough. 

Now that you're on the other side of the breakup, you are ecstatic. Yes, I am ecstatic. Suppose you are honest with yourself, Capricorn, as you generally are. In that case, you'll know that during Moon opposite Venus on February 21, 2024, you are thrilled to your toes about having made it out of that relationship alive.

You are happy. Happy to know that you had the nerve to do what you've been telling yourself you'd do for a very long time. You are happy that you didn't back down. You are happy to find that life continues and that if you have your way, as you do now, you can direct your life into even happier conditions, which is exactly what you will be doing.

During the transit of the Moon opposite Venus, you are literally being shown the opposite of what you were living through, and in your case, it's happiness.

You were sad and mopey throughout so much of this ex-love affair. Now that you truly are free and can take back your life, you love it. Yes, it worked out for the best, after all. What a kick! It's all good, Capricorn.

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