3 Zodiac Signs Find Strength Despite Challenging Horoscopes On February 18, 2024

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3 Zodiac Signs Grow Stronger On February 18, 2024

The last thing we ever want to be told, outside of 'smile,' when feeling down or out of sorts is that it's 'all in your mind.' During the transit of Moon square Neptune, which comes to us on February 18, 2024, not only will we be told that we are wildly imaginative in all the wrong ways but that we may be a little too stuck on a thought that has us feeling terrible about the way things are going in our lives.

February 18, 2024, hits three zodiac signs with the paranoia stick. For these folks, this day, with its transit of Moon square Neptune, will be all about wondering if we're good enough.

And, should we decide that we're 'not' good enough ... for whatever, that will be the beginning of our unraveling. This is the day that we decide we need to be in a super funk and that nobody can get us out of it.



So, here comes the famous line: It's all in your mind. It is, which is what everything is, so we need to give ourselves a break on this day. February 18, 2024, doesn't have to be as bad as we might want to make it.

There's an option here, and we have to choose that option. We can't just wallow in self-pity or lock in with the idea that everything we do is 'bad.' Oh, that's just too much, but for these three zodiac signs, it may be that kind of day. Ah well.

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Three zodiac signs overcome challenging horoscopes on February 18, 2024:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

You always do your best to keep good humor as part of your day. You're usually the first person to make a clever joke when you're out with friends or family. In fact, you are someone everyone relies on for that quick joke as you really know how to craft the person's one-liner, which generally sends people into hysterics. What happens at that point is that you get an adrenaline rush, knowing you've been accepted as the 'funny one.'

What tends to take a wrong turn on this day, February 18, 2024, is that, during the transit of Moon square Neptune, you'll 'go for it' one more time. Still, this time, you'll say something so obtuse and weird that the people you want to impress with your clown skills will look at you as if you are truly damaged. They will shun you for merely opening up your mouth to speak. Or, at least, that's how it will feel to you, Aries.

What's going on behind the scenes is that your inability to crack a joke at the appropriate time will have you spiraling into a tunnel of self-doubt. All you did was miss the beat — that's all, but because you hold yourself to such high standards, you may take the energy of Moon square Neptune and use it to beat yourself up. You didn't do anything wrong. You just didn't read the room, and you ended up saying something offbeat. It's not the end of the world!

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

Being that it's February 18, 2024, you feel as though you've been stuck in a Winter rut for way too long. You might get the idea to do something radical on this day, and with Moon square Neptune, you can guarantee that your imagination will be working overtime. You are an incredible thinker, Scorpio, and once you start getting into the momentum of it all, you become one of those unstoppable people who grab those around you and work them into their plot.

What isn't working out for you on this day, February 18, 2024, is that you grab the wrong people, and you suffer for it. You have this idea in your mind that what you wish to do is something everyone wants to do, but you are wrong. During the transit of Moon square Neptune, you will find that just because you have a fun plan doesn't mean that anyone else thinks it's fun. In fact, your concept of fun might even be offensive to others on this day.

So, you'll experience a little ego-crushing, which is fine because you are strong enough to handle the rejection ... or are you? That's how Moon square Neptune works on you, Scorpio. It has you wondering if things are actually worse than they are and what's happening on this day... not much. You wanted to have fun, but nobody around you wanted to go along. You had the choice of whether or not to see it as a tragedy. See what I mean?

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

You're the one that someone decides to overthink things on this day, and who doesn't love being paid that kind of strict attention? No one, that's correct. For some reason, you have that one friend who has decided to take it upon themselves to 'know you better than you know yourself,' and honestly, it's purely obnoxious. February 18, 2024, shows you that you really don't like it when someone tries to get into your head ... especially when they think they've hit pay dirt.

What you're going to see happen on this day is that your friend takes a little too many liberties with you, as they have decided that they are the ones who know what's best for you. The thing is, they really are pushing it, and you know it. What you'll have to do is something you aren't fond of doing, which is confronting a person for the sole purpose of telling them to back off.

You are put in an uncomfortable position during Moon square Neptune, as you didn't want to have to tell your friend to leave you alone, and knowing that if you do tell them, they'll find a way to condemn you a 'crazy person' for doing so. You can't win either way. This person has 'chosen' you as their project, and that's the last thing you want to be. Oh, the humanity.

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