3 Zodiac Signs Who Won't Say Sorry On February 16, 2024

Mercury square Uranus has us feeling justified...but are we?

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What is it with all of these people who sit around waiting for apologies that they know they'll never get? If we feel this way, then there's a good chance we are part of the contingent that will never apologize. We aren't the sort of person who wants to cater to another person's needy neurosis. During Mercury square Uranus on February 16, 2024, we will deny the one who wants an apology from us the right to hear it from our lips.


Three zodiac signs may be put in the position of being granted the opportunity, on this day, to say we are sorry. It's such a simple thing. Yet it twists us in knots, and we don't know why we have to say we are sorry. In fact, we won't do it. We may not know why we won't. We just won't, and that's that.

Perhaps it's just our personalities. During Mercury square Uranus, we don't feel that taking responsibility for another person's emotional response to us is fair. We want them to 'get over it.' We want them to 'take it lighter.' We want them to take responsibility for their reaction to us, as we don't feel we need to babysit another person, even if we hurt them. Mercury square Uranus has us feeling justified. But are we?


3 Zodiac Signs Won't Say Sorry On February 16, 2024

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

The idea of you having to apologize to someone simply because they are expecting this of you is absolutely hilarious, as you find there is no reason to do any such thing. You are pretty true to your feelings, Aries. So when the opportunity arises on February 16, 2024, to tell someone that you are sorry for participating in whatever it is that has hurt them, you'll deny them their moment in the sun. You seriously don't see a need to feed this kind of egocentric demand.

You know what you're doing, too. You are withholding something precious from someone who depends on you to show them they have no power over you. Perhaps you really have done something to hurt someone. They've been aching over it for years, thinking you owe them an apology. In your mind, this is their problem, not yours. You feel this way because Mercury's transit square Uranus supports these kinds of thoughts.

What's worse is that you are responsible, and you know it. You are way too proud to give someone what they want simply because they ask for it. In your mind, they should just 'get over it.' You are quite aware that during Mercury square Uranus, if you wait long enough, eventually, they'll get the hint that you aren't coming through with the grand apology they have spent their life waiting for. That one's on them, in your book.


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2. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

The main reason why you won't apologize, even though you'll be handed the primo opportunity to do so on February 16, 2024, is that you are way too scared to find out what happens afterward. You know that you owe someone an apology and that it's already been way too long overdue, so you feel foolish about attempting to make things better. You refuse to apologize, as it all seems so futile in the long run.

During the transit of Mercury square Uranus, you will backtrack on all the reasons why you are legitimately in the right not to apologize. The more you think about it, as you will do much during Mercury square Uranus, the more you will feel justified in withholding any kind of apology. In fact, why don't THEY apologize to you instead?


By the time this day is over, you'll have built such a wall of excuses around your actions that you'll never even consider the idea of making peace through the mere act of apologizing. It's just not going to happen, not in this life. So, if the person who claims you have hurt them needs to be apologized to, then that's going to be their albatross to carry, as you aren't playing into it. You will shrug and walk away. It's just not your burden to bear.

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3. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

You have already cleared your name as far as you are concerned when it comes to why you acted a certain way and why you hurt someone badly enough for them to be waiting around for you to say you're sorry. Sorry? For what? For loving them? Not you, Leo. On February 16, 2024, during the transit of Mercury square Uranus, you will firmly stand on your square and deny them any apology. 


In your mind, all you did was tell the truth. Yes, you were dramatic about it, perhaps a little over the top or maybe even 'scary,' but to apologize for the way you express yourself to someone whom you believe should know better is not happening, nor will it ever be. You are, after all, a prideful person, and the last thing you can foresee yourself doing is falling to your knees to show someone else that you are contrite. It's not happening.

So, as the day comes and goes, you will treat February 16, 2024, as any other day, which implies that you really will never apologize to the person who seems to be waiting for this to happen. You don't feel you owe them anything, as you gave it all that one fateful day. If they can't handle you 'as you are,' then the last thing they deserve is an apology from you. With Mercury square Uranus backing you up, you'll feel justified and righteous about your choice to withhold.

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