Relationships Improve For 5 Zodiac Signs Starting February 26 During The Rare Double Cazimi In Pisces

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How The Rare Double Cazimi In Pisces Improves Relationships For 5 Zodiac Signs Starting February 26, 2024

Every once in a while, it seems as if the whole universe conspires to bring a dream to reality. It's those moments where all the learning, healing and trust reaches a point of fruition where the only thing left to do is throw your arms around the one you love, feeling confident that each step in your life has led to this.

To fully embrace the opportunities of magic, you must also be willing to do what will bring you the greatest love and happiness — regardless of what others may expect of you.  

The week of February 26 brings a cataclysmic event of two cazimi's for both Mercury and Saturn in Pisces. A cazimi is a conjunction formed between the Sun and another planet in which it travels into the heart of the Sun, being energized to begin a brand-new cycle.

In this case, Mercury will be the first to create a cazimi on February 27. Then, on February 28, Saturn moves into position, creating an incredible force of energy and a divine opportunity for a new beginning.  

This new beginning in your romantic life brings the energy of Saturn in Pisces, helping you to tune more deeply into what it is you want from love as you shed and leave behind the expectations of others.

These expectations are often those ideals or pressures you feel, sometimes even unconsciously, about who you should be with, what kind of relationship you form, or how you live your life.

Often, this energy is felt as pressure to do things right, which, unfortunately, often leads you away from your greatest happiness and love.

As Saturn moves into cazimi on February 28th, just as Mercury shifts away, you will be empowered to express your truth and honor your desires and ideals above all others. 

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Make the choice this week to spend time with your heart, especially as the Sun governs this part of yourself. With Mercury and Saturn moving into a cazimi this week, this is your chance to understand your heart more deeply and see that what is right has more to do with feelings and less with creating a picture others approve of.

The energy of the cazimi's is intensified with the Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius on March 3, which will allow you to release, move away, and forgive any decisions were made from a place of expectation rather than your own heart.

You truly are being guided to realize that the new beginning you've wanted from love is here, and all you must do is listen to your heart to receive it.  

Relationships improve for five zodiac signs the week of February 26, 2024:

1. Gemini  

(May 21 - June 20) 

It's important in life to hold multiple possibilities at once, to not cling too tightly to only one or neglect another area of your life to make headway toward a specific goal. The week of February 26, you will have an opportunity to master this skill as you will be called to focus on professional matters and your romantic relationship.

In your love life, the Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius will be occurring within your house of relationships, giving you a chance to reconnect, find peace, and create a new chapter in how you love one another.  

A Last Quarter Moon paired with the double Sun cazimi represents a slower time that encourages you to turn inward toward your partner. This energy helps you reflect on recent events and to find peace through forgiveness and acceptance.

The longest and healthiest relationships aren't those that never go through challenging periods but those that can work through them together. As much as your focus may be pulled elsewhere during this time, be intentional about the space you create with your partner to take advantage of this opportunity for deeper reconnection.  

If you are single, instead of this representing healing within your relationship, the Last Quarter Moon will be an opportunity to bring you to a healthier place within yourself. If you've been carrying around anger, heartache, or confusion during romantic relationship events, this is the time to focus on releasing those feelings.



You may step into greater accountability for your choices and actions, allowing you to find deeper acceptance that while a relationship didn't turn out as you'd hoped, it did all happen as it was meant to. Let this new beginning be about peace and recognizing what you can do differently to have the relationship your heart has dreamed of.  

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2. Leo  

(July 23 - August 22) 

You will have an electrifying week in your romantic relationship that will surely bring you one step closer to all you've ever wanted. The double Pisces cazimi's will light up your intimacy and transformation sector. At the same time, the Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius will activate themes of marriage, commitment, and joy, helping to put you in a position to make some big decisions about your life and relationship.  

Mercury and Saturn cazimi will peak on February 28 in the area of your life that focuses on the changes you go through in love to help bring you closer to your partner. Pisces also encourages you to embrace all levels of intimacy in this process, fostering a desire for a deep soul bond. This energy is a bit different than just a regular transit, as the cazimi also offers a chance for a new beginning.

In this case, you can communicate in a new way with your partner as you also embrace greater honesty, transparency and vulnerability. Try to focus on what it is you genuinely want and need from your partner. Then trust in your own heart enough to say what is most important to you.  

If you're single, the Piscean energy can help call in a new life partner and help you create the foundation for the deeper bond you desire. Remember that while the cazimi's will provide benefits, they also bring a new beginning, so try to ensure that how you approach dating or love is different and full of evidence of your growth or healing. This is an incredible time to increase desire and release any deep-seated fears of intimacy, as you may find yourself meeting the one or deciding to commit to your partner more deeply. 

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3. Virgo  

(August 23 - September 22) 

There is a beautiful opportunity coming into your romantic life that will bring a sense of renewal to you and your partner. The powerful Pisces cazimi's will highlight a new beginning in your romantic life, while the Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius encourages a more peaceful and loving connection and home. This may feel more like you're finally able to put the past behind you, which should also allow for greater confidence in a new era in your life finally beginning.  

Piscean energy governs your romantic sector, affecting relationships and love. With Saturn in this water sign since 2023, you've been approaching relationships with more seriousness for the future. Still, now, as the cazimi's occur in the week of February 26, it's also your chance to see all your dedication finally pay off.

Mercury, Saturn and Sun in Pisces means important conversations will be about your connection and your truth. While you may have to spend time ensuring you're speaking about what you really want versus what you have been conditioned to accept, it will pay off with you finally feeling confident you are with the love of your life.  

As the Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius rises on March 3 in your home sector, you may feel more at peace with recent events or your childhood healing. This will let you focus on the domestic intimacy within your union.

Domestic intimacy is found in the gentle ways your and your partner's lives overlap, from morning coffee routines to making plans for your future and deciding to redo the bedroom together. It's the feeling of being in a relationship and having a true-life partner. Use this lunation as confirmation that by addressing important conversations in your relationship, you will finally be able to build the secure connection your heart is craving.  

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4. Scorpio  

(October 23 - November 21) 

The universe has been determined to teach you how your self-worth is connected to the romantic relationship you choose. This isn't always an easy or immediate lesson to master. So you've been working on it slowly, never really giving up hope of the love you deserve or the person you want to become. But, in the week of February 26, you finally understand the purpose of the recent events in your life and find yourself truly embracing the power you have to decide your romantic fate.  

The double Piscean cazimi's of Mercury and Saturn highlight your house of marriage, commitment and happiness. Pisces' energy always helps bring more joy into your life and keeps you hopeful that the romantic connection you desire is possible.

As Mercury and Saturn form cazimi's with the Sun, all in Pisces, this is an area of your life where you will feel supercharged and begin to see new developments take shape. Suppose you're already in an existing relationship. This will bring talk of a future together, whether through a proposal or other means representing a true commitment to grow and continue to love one another. 

If you've found yourself beginning again in love, this aspect will bring about a positive redirection to help make your dreams a reality. You could meet someone important around this time, find greater clarity in a past connection, or finally feel empowered to seize what brings you the most happiness — regardless of what others say.

Then, as the Last Quarter Moon rises in Sagittarius, you can finally understand why loving yourself from a place of worthiness is imperative in attracting and building a relationship with someone who does the same. Don't be afraid to embrace your sacred boundaries around this time, or take a chance and let someone know how important they are to you. When you move from a place of healing, you can finally feel confident, and that is also what you will attract.  

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5. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 

Whatever you create outside of yourself will only reflect your inner self. This is a sentiment that you are profoundly and spiritually aware of. It can be difficult to remain committed to this sometimes, especially if the results are slow to appear.

Unfortunately, and fortunately, there is no rushing the universe. Still, in the week of February 26, you will finally understand the deep importance of that sentiment and be grateful that you've waited, remained steadfast and honored that relationship with your inner self first.  

The Piscean cazimi's light up your first house of self, which, when it comes to love, represents a huge influence because to create the best possible relationship, you need to ensure you're being your most authentic self and allow yourself to be fully honest about your needs.

While the Mercury cazimi, which begins on February 27, will encourage greater truth and a new way of communicating with your partner, the Saturn cazimi on the 28th and 29th will allow you to embrace your commitment to conscious love while also no longer carrying the opinions or thoughts of other people.  

Whether you are single or already in a connection, use this cazimi energy to refocus your energy on attracting or continuing to build with someone who aligns with your inner truth. This is your coming out party in many ways, especially as Saturn in your sign since 2023 has been helping you honor your worth and boundaries to ensure you only let those worthy of your heart inside your inner realms.

This energy creates the foundation for what you really want and gives you opportunities to manifest tangible results. You may have to be bolder than you're usually accustomed to or make the first move. Trust within your inner self so that you can also let yourself learn to trust love again.  

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