3 Zodiac Signs Want To Be Alone On February 12, 2024

We aren't kidding about needing space on this day.

3 Zodiac Signs Want To Be Alone On February 12, 2024 Anastasya Ignateva | Canva Pro

Now and then, we know that the only way we'll get through the day is if we are left alone. This day, February 12, 2024, is one of those days.

It's not that we are feeling particularly anti-social, nor do we have a particular problem with people or being engaged in social activities on this day.

What's going on is that during the transit of Moon sextile Mars, we feel as though we'd be at our best if we were left to our own devices.


This is a great time to solidify ideas. Sometimes, especially for these three zodiac signs, the idea of being with other people, no matter how much fun those folks may be, is just a distraction.

On this day, February 12, 2024, three zodiac signs will come up with some of their most powerful ideas, and the focus needed will be immense. That means only one thing. We need time away from the others.


Moon sextile Mars suggests that we are not only desirous of time alone but that this need is passionate and demanding. We may be very polite about how we secure ourselves some private space, but we will be just as adamant about how we make it so.

We aren't kidding about needing space on this day. It's nothing personal in terms of what we feel towards others. This day requires these three zodiac signs to take time to themselves. It's essential.

Three zodiac signs want to be alone on February 12, 2024:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

This could be one of those days when you shut the door on social activity and just go on your own, wherever you plan on going. This is a day for spa relaxation, meditation, getting a massage and not talking to the person administering the treatment.


You feel as though the silence is golden, and if you are to get anything done on this day, then it has to be done in silence, with peace in the heart and little to no distractions on the side.

During this day's transit of the Moon sextile Mars, you will know what's best for you. You may have to tell a few people in your life that they need to trust you on this.

February 12, 2024, shows you that when it comes to alone time, not everyone is willing to respect this small thing.

You may have to come out of your seclusion to tell them to back off, basically. This day is precious to you, and you're not about to break it up.

You will find that during Moon sextile Mars, you are very serious about getting your day to yourself, and that means you may have to work at it. Partners and friends are going to have to deal with the reality that you are not interested in the party on this day.


While that might surprise the heck out of them, you are very strict when it comes to securing your downtime. You will do this, and you will do it well. If they can't handle it, that one's on them.

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

You may intend to be polite about securing your privacy on this day, but that doesn't mean you'll end up presenting as any less than a person who has no tolerance at all. During Moon sextile Mars on February 12, 2024, you will make it known to friends and family that you really need this time off because you have big plans. Those plans are personal and private, so BUTT out. Get the point? Comprende?


OK, you will more than likely get your way, and so much of that happens because you aren't mincing words. During Moon sextile Mars, you know how to raise your voice, and you also know how to get to the point. This transit enables you to bring out some of the Scorpio fierceness; if you have to be rude, then so be it. Sometimes, that's the only thing that seems to get your needs across, so on this day, February 12, 2024, you just let it rip.

What you are hoping to achieve by being so demanding on this day is a tone that allows people to know that you really need this respect. This isn't a joke, and should you need other days in the future where you want to pull away and not invite anyone in, they have to get that you're serious. This is the day you set the precedent for yourself. Moon sextile Mars lets you gather enough strength so that in the future if you want something, people will stand aside and let you have it.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)


You might spend a good portion of February 12, 2024, preparing the people in your life for your big 'time off' holiday. One of the things that might happen is that you spend a little too much of that time worrying whether they can take it or not, or worse. Suppose they are actually listening to you. You are someone who worries themselves into a fourth. During Moon sextile Mars, you may end up doing this to yourself once again.

What you aren't realizing is that your people already know you. They know you 'get like this,' and they are ready to give you the respect you seem to be demanding. Perhaps this day has you overreacting, scared that nobody is going to leave you but Sagittarius. They've already left you to be alone, and that's what you wanted, so relax. You'll get your space, so don't fill that space with worry.

It's hard for you to set aside your fears during Moon sextile Mars on February 12, 2024. Once you regain the memory of who you are and what you're all about, you'll grab Moon sextile Mars by the horns and make it go your way. The truth is, you are, by nature, a loner, and the people in your life are used to this. So, go easy on yourself and follow your heart. There is nothing to worry about here. Everything you want is about to take place in peace, in solitude, and with success.

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