5 Zodiac Signs Are Likely To Have Challenging Horoscopes This Week

It's all going to end up with us learning a major lesson about ourselves.

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We would be remiss to say this is actually going to be a rough week for anyone because whatever we need to go through during the week of January 29 - February 4, 2024, will ultimately lead to us learning a major lesson about ourselves, one that we can put into practice for years to come.

So, if we learn this lesson the hard way, as three zodiac signs might just do this week, then it will be worthwhile somehow.


Many lunar transits will have us rethinking the way we do things, which, for some, might be surprising. We really do welcome the idea of change and transformation, and because of the many Pluto influences that are in effect, we will see that we have no choice BUT to change and grow.


We also have much Mars energy coming our way, which may be just what we need if we are to face our fears, beat 'em, push them to the past and carry on in the way we'd like to see ourselves. Transits Moon square Mars, Moon square Mercury, Mercury with Neptune and Moon and Mercury really push us towards our goal, whether we are ready to be pushed or not.

These three zodiac signs will have rough horoscopes this week:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

You know that this week has a lot for you to do, as you are the one who scheduled this ton of work, and you did it to challenge yourself. You want to change just as bad as the next person, and you may find that your way of going about creating it is the kind that ends up tiring you out way before there's an ending in sight. You have overreached in terms of your expectations, and that might feel rough.

You may also feel as though you owe yourself this military stance, as if you need to accomplish something and that if you don't, you are unworthy of...something? You are very harsh with your self-judgment during this week, and you may end up feeling bitterly disappointed just because you seriously believed you could achieve way more than you could. This is a great lesson for pacing Cancer; learn it and apply it to the future.


You can look forward to the Sagittarius Moon for support, which occurs towards the end of the week. This transit will show you the big picture so that you can forgive yourself for not getting it all done in one split second. There's a lot of forgiveness available to you, and it would be recommended that you go easy on yourself rather than push yourself too hard.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

It might be in your best interest to practice patience as this week has many surprising tests in store for you, some of which concern how you handle family matters. There's a lot of good Libra energy heading your way, and that will be helpful, but you have to know that you are only one person and that even if you want to be everyone's number one hero, you can't be, and that might be an ego blow for you this week.


You need to use the Mercury energy at hand to explain yourself without overextending yourself. This week will show you that you can agree to many things and not have any clue as to what you're agreeing to, which is what could potentially bite you in the rear later on this week. Keep an account of what you're actually signing on for, Libra, as you must create an order for yourself.

While there's some beautiful Venus energy surrounding you, it may make you believe a little too hard in the power of love. While that sounds tired or perhaps even wrong, we're talking about how a family member — a much-beloved family member, at that — might turn on you during this week. Love all, trust none, as the fortune cookie says. You don't need to be jaded, but definitely be AWARE.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)


If you have your way, then this week will be one where you get to spend it alone, on your own, without the interference of anyone else...especially family. While you might love and cherish your family, you are also equally as annoyed by them, and you mean 'all of them.' This week requires peace of mind, as you just don't have it in you to be social or perhaps even...nice. You don't want to be tested, as you already know you're failing.

You feel as though you deserve this kind of respect, too, and that if you show the people in your life that you really and truly do not wish to be bothered, they shouldn't have a problem with it. During transits like Moon trine Saturn and the Half Moon in Scorpio, you'll wonder why the people in your family still haven't caught on to how you work: you like to be alone. You don't like explaining that, and you don't understand why they press the issue.

During the week, you'll walk away from obligations because you don't feel as though you owe anyone an explanation for your behavior. You are quite happy to be you, as you don't anger yourself, but you will learn the lesson of blunt communication during this time and how getting to the point really does work...if you actually DO get to the point in a timely manner.


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