3 Zodiac Signs Are So Lucky In Love On January 14, 2024

We are healthy, we are focused and we know what we want.

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How does a day filled with wonderful loving pursuits and the success that follows sound to you? Pretty good, eh? Well, if you are one of the three zodiac signs that are destined to experience the goodness inherent in the transit of Moon and Mars, then January 14, 2024, will work out just fine for you.

Three zodiac signs will be luckiest in love on January 14, 2024: Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius.

Mind you, this day is not for the weak of heart, and if our intentions are set for love and romance, we're not going to get there by sitting on the sidelines, hoping for a miracle to happen.


We are using that Mars energy to get us what we want on this day, and that means strong communication, adventurous spirit, and motivated energy are all part of this day's deal.

For three of us, this day might be what we've revved ourselves up for.

We knew we'd have to make a move and we knew we'd need to grab hold of whatever impulsive energy we could get in order to get the success in love that we crave, and well, for three zodiac signs, the time is now and now is the time. We are healthy, we are focused and we know what we want. Let's go, team!

January 14, 2024 love horoscopes are lucky for three zodiac signs:

1. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)


Because you have come to understand exactly what you DON'T want in a love affair, you have something to work with on January 14, 2024. This will help you establish healthy emotional boundaries between you and the person you adore. You know now that you are not the kind of person who wants to 'share' everything. You also know that this isn't a selfish thing; it's a realistic thing — and you mean to uphold this idea.

Having a heart-to-heart conversation with your loved one during Moon with Mars may be something that another person might not be able to see as 'loving,' but you know that there's nothing but love behind your intentions. What may come across as harsh or intense is just 'what it is.' You aren't here to mince words. You love your person and they know it. You don't feel the need to soft soap every word out of your mouth.

Moon and Mars is not about sweet talk, though it's very much about love and respect. You are energized and motivated to do the right thing by yourself, and you know that 'the right thing' for you is indeed something that is shared by both of you. You aren't selfish in love. You are simply stating facts and those facts will work for you throughout the relationship if they are respected.

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2. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

You may feel as though it's time to get this party started, so to speak, as you feel that your relationship, while good, needs a serious kick in the pants as far as excitement and adventure goes. It's January 14, 2024, and the transit here is Moon with Mars. This has you feeling filled with determination and direction and you'll be pointing that energy at your partner on this day, as they need to hear what you have to say.

Moon with Mars is an effective tool when it comes to communicating something very specific, Capricorn, and what you'd like for your partner to know is that it takes two to tango and that if you're willing to put in the work, then so must they. This is a relationship, not a lecture, and you need them to get on board and work the program. It's time and you are not mincing words or beating around the bush.

You feel so ready to get out of town and do something insanely extravagant, and ... why not? Life is for living, and during the transit of Moon and Mars, you feel it in your core that you are the one who is responsible for making it all happen. This is the day you tell your partner, flat out, that it's time to bring back the spark. There's a whole life that's waiting for the two of you, and it's time you join in. It's now or never, that's your feeling, Capricorn.


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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

This day brings you a renewed sense of life and your energy levels will surprise even you. You are ready for a fresh new change. While change isn't always your thing, you won't be able to deny the power of Moon and Mars as it totally pushes you into reinvention and a brilliant new outlook on the future of your romantic relationship. Time is fleeting, as the March Hare once said, " Tempus fugit. "You want to make the best of this life and you have to start now.

On January 14, 2024, you approach your romantic partner with your 'master plan.' You have something in mind for the two of you. While, on any other day, you might wait patiently for them to 'think about it,' this day has no such space for that. January 14, 2024, is about you having no patience whatsoever and being very demanding about getting that answer 'now.'


What's interesting is that your high energy and motivation ring true with your partner, and they will appreciate the idea that you're not really giving them a choice; you are demanding that they have fun. And, oddly enough, they're into it. They like the idea that you've got this rollercoaster of enthusiasm powering up this love train of yours and in a way, they needed it. So, your take on Moon and Mars positively influences them. That worked!

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