3 Zodiac Signs Decide To Be Selfish In Love On January 2, 2024

Many of us are very realistic about our resolutions.

3 Zodiac Signs Decide To Be Selfish In Love On January 2, 2024 Africa Images | Canva Pro

Welcome to tension and conflict. Aren't you glad you came? OK, enough with the funny stuff; let's take a look at what's really going on during the transit of Moon square Mars on this day, January 2,  2024. We've got the Moon, which is in a square formation with Mars and that automatically suggests that there's going to be trouble. What that trouble is, however, is pretty specific, as it has something to do with love and three particular zodiac signs.


Because it's the beginning of the new year, many of us are very much into being realistic about our resolutions. Yes, it's one thing to immediately push them aside and laugh over the idea that we never really meant to keep any of them, but there are a few of us who are dead set on changing our lives, and we might find that during Moon square Mars, we know exactly how to start.

So, on this day, January 2, 2024, we will put ourselves first when it comes to love. Now, that's a hard lesson learned, but we've learned it, and we're not going back. Mars energy fuels that fire and lets us feel confident that what we're doing is not only important but vital and imperative if we are to be happy people.


Three zodiac signs decide to be selfish in love on January 2, 2024:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

You know that all is well in your world, Cancer, but that's mainly because you know that as of this day forth, you are going to be the one who is in charge, and that doesn't mean you'll become bossy; you just know that you need to put yourself first when it comes to your love relationship, as you feel things have become 'out of hand.' You didn't get into this relationship so that you could have a protector; you can protect yourself, and you want to make that known to your partner on January 2, 2024.

During Moon square Mars, which is a very strong and aggressive transit, you might find that speaking up and saying what's on your mind is a lot easier than it usually is, but that's also because you're backed up with an actual plan. You know what you want and need out of this relationship, so when you do begin your 'big' conversation with your partner, you're not going in unprepared. You have some very definitive ideas to discuss, and they will be discussed on this day.

Because this transit, Moon square Mars, could bring out your hostile side, you may want to weigh your words before letting them out, as you do feel anger over the past and what it's brought you. You feel that you need to break the mold that got you into this place right now, and that's part of what's about to take place on this day, January 2, 2024. You aren't here to mince words; you have a plan of action and it will be carried out.


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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

January 2, 2024, puts you in the position of having to be the person in the relationship who brings up the idea of change; you know that your partner is hesitant to talk about things like change as they tend to become defensive. This is something you've noticed in the past, and you're starting to resent it as it's what deters you from coming out with the truth of how you feel. You feel as though your partner is being aggressive by acting as though they can't handle the hurt you're about to deal them.

The truth is, you're not here to hurt them at all, but you are most definitely here to let them know that you are, indeed, hurting and that they need to deal with it. You aren't about to push the entirety of your weight on to them on this day, but you do need to tell them what's on your mind, as you really can't stand what's been going on in the relationship. You need real change and they need to open their mind and heart so that you can vent.


During the transit of Moon square Mars, you'll find all the strength you need, as this event will have you feeling very clearheaded and capable. You are not afraid of hurting them, as you know you're not here to hurt; you are here to introduce the idea of your own healing, as this must be done. You want to stay together; that's not an issue, but things must change. You must put yourself first in this love affair, as taking a backseat really isn't working for you...nor has it ever.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

Normally, you don't like being the aggressive one, and that doesn't imply that you're weak by any means, though; you just aren't someone who yells or acts out. You deal with your situation and your surroundings and you do the best you can. However, on January 2, 2024, during the power-packed transit of Moon square Mars, you'll find that sitting back and waiting for things to change is just not feasible; you need action and you need it right now, on this very day.


This is, of course, in reference to your love life. You have a very good relationship with the person you're with, but you've noticed that as time moves on, they've become lax when it comes to honoring you, or respecting you in the way you want to be respected. This will not do, and you see that if you don't say something now, it's only going to get worse. This is the day when you grab your power and you move like the wind.

You need to put yourself first now, and there's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. If your partner can't act like a human and just hear you out, then there's a problem here, Pisces. There is, however, a very good chance that all this person needs is a wake up call, and even if that call comes out a little harsh, then so be it. Tough love as they say. You'll need to incorporate some of that on this day, during Moon square Mars.

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