3 Zodiac Signs Are A Bit Stubborn On December 14, 2023

Let's call this one a 'weird' day.

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Knowing that we've just entered a retrograde cycle with Mercury, we are all aware that, at this point in the game, it's all about communication.

December 14, 2023, adds to the retrograde commotion by offering us the transit of Moon conjunct Mercury, which sets so much of Mercury retrograde in motion down here on Earth.

What we, or rather, three zodiac signs, will see on this day is conflict, in so much as we feel very strongly about something that we believe to be the truth when, in fact, we may actually be dead wrong about it. So, the conflict lies in the idea that we will fight hard for something that everyone around us seems to recognize as both faulty and perhaps even fraudulent.


This is so 'Mercury' it's not even funny, as this planet really gets to the heart of how we can misunderstand something to the point where we defend it ... for reasons no one else understands.



We are wrong today, and we don't accept that because, during Moon conjunct Mercury, we aren't open to learning that perhaps we really have made a mistake. Let's call this one a 'weird' day. Rough, maybe, but weird ... yes.


Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on December 14, 2023:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

With Moon conjunct Mercury in your immediate universe, you're going to be sticking to your guns when it comes to an opinion that nobody seems to share with you. This could end up causing friction at work, and that really upsets you. Still, you are true to yourself and you do not want to fold, simply because yours is the unpopular opinion. You will stay strong and uphold what you believe is true during this transit, and on December 14, 2023, you will get flak for it.

You really do want a life where nobody is giving you a hard time and because you value your job, you feel like you're being pushed into shutting up when it comes to sharing what's on your mind. You have the kind of job that encourages free speech and the sharing of ideas. You'll notice that during Moon conjunct Mercury, you are repressed and unable to be yourself fully in front of coworkers, and this really grinds your gears.

All you want is to do your job and do it well, and in order to do so, you feel you need to be yourself in total. That means that you, on occasion, share some crazy idea with coworkers, and the trouble with today is that what you believe is this fanciful and wonderful idea is actually off-base and ill-conceived. That's how Moon conjunct Mercury does its work, and with a retrograde backing it up, you can expect very little support.


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2. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

There are two ways you can go with all the Mercury energy that is, at present, messing with your Gemini vibe. You can start a fight with someone over an opinion that you alone believe to be true, or you can slink into solitude and hold tight to your opinion until you finally figure out that that's no longer working, either. What's going on today, December 14, 2023, is that you have the transit of Moon conjunct Mercury upon you and it's messing with your ability to discern the truth.

The thing with you, Gemini, is that when you believe in something, everyone else is just 'wrong' if they don't see it your way. While you have it in you to be very understanding, there's that part of you that only has so much patience with a person before you just walk away from them with your hands up in the air. Today is that day. Today, December 14, has you trying to explain your 'way' to someone, and when they don't get it, you bolt.


What you will learn too late is that you bolted too soon, as this mighty concept that you cling so tightly to is nothing but the nonsense you've sold yourself. That's the kicker with Moon conjunct Mercury; you convince yourself that you're right only to get a hot steaming plate of 'you're wrong' after you've tried to convince others of your truth. You are wrong, they know it, you don't, and that's how the day pans out for you.

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3. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

You are so NOT in the mood for how today, December 14, 2023, is going to roll out for you, and so much of that is because, during Moon conjunct Mercury, you feel as though you have zero patience for anyone in this world who doesn't support your way of thinking. You woke up in a bad mood and if 'they' can't handle you, then they can walk away. You mean it, too. This is no joke, and you intend to let everyone in your life know that you mean business.


During the transit of Moon conjunct Mercury, you will get the weird impression that nobody is listening. It's as if you step up and deliver what you believe to be the great truth of the day, and all you hear in response is the sound of crickets. Are you this unimportant? The thing is, Cancer, it's not that you aren't valued. It's that nobody cares about anyone else's opinion today other than their own. This is the truth of the day. We can fight it or forget it.

December 14, 2023, is also the second day of Mercury retrograde and it's only getting stronger, so you can expect things to be misunderstood and badly interpreted during this time. Your safest bet is to just keep your opinions and ideas to yourself and recognize that the universe is not giving you the right space in which to express yourself as of right now and that patience and waiting are in order.

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