3 Zodiac Signs May Want Their Ex Back On December 6, 2023

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zodiac signs who want their ex back on december 6

On this day, December 6, 2023, many of us will feel immensely inspired. Creativity is high on this day, and so is the desire for art, music and literature. We who are in the arts want to be a part of it all. We want to donate, help out, create and be part of the process and production of creative works.

What we're looking at, transit-wise, on this day, is how the event known as Moon square Mercury can bring back memories of a day when we were very creative ... and sharing the company of someone who was always there for us, always ready to chime in and always supportive of our creative efforts. In this case, our ex-partners.

For three zodiac signs, today offers us a trip back in time and one that lends itself to longing for a day long gone. We want our ex's back on this day. We have come through hell and high water to get to the place where we are today, and we've not only forgiven this person of the past, but we've come to see them in a whole new light. This light is loving and friendly ... and we want our ex back because if there's anyone in the world who understands us, it's them.

Three zodiac signs who want an ex back on December 6, 2023:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

You want your ex back. Even thinking of it this way makes you want to hide your head, but you can't help what you feel. No matter what you've gone through with this person, you can't shake the feeling that this was the one you really wanted. Even though you've had relationships with other people, this one ex is the one that you believed in and the one you thought would stay with you forever.

During today's transit of Moon square Mercury, you're going to spend an exorbitant amount of time wanting the companionship of that one person whom you really thought understood you and accepted you for who you are. You're right: they did understand and accept you. Time ended all that and now they are no longer with you, and the ending was not so amicable.

Yet, here you are today, feeling as though the past is forgiven and that you hold no issue with this person who, at one point, drove you crazy. You still love them and nobody can take that away from you. It's a very private thought, but that one ex — they were the one you wanted to be with ... not the new person or the next person. You wanted your ex, and on December 6, those feelings will go into overdrive.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

While you like convincing yourself that you don't really need anyone, you are a secret sentimentalist and the truth of you, Libra, is that you will never be able to get over — or replace — your first love and this person is the only one you still pine for, to the very day. On this very day, December 6, 2023, you'll know what it's like to feel the pain of that loss once again as Moon square Mercury delivers the blow of memory.

You aren't treating your current partner with the same kind of respect as you did your ex, and they are starting to resent you for it. Not to mention the fact that you always casually bring this ex up in conversation as if they are the gold standard by which all human beings should measure themselves up. Your current partner is tired of this, and honestly, you don't care because you really don't love them.

You love your ex, and that's that. You love them, and they are not here with you, and you feel like you'll spend the rest of your life in a grumpy mood simply because you know a reunion is not on the list of actions that can and will happen at any time in the future. You want to get your ex back, and Moon Square Mercury exacerbates this feeling, leaving you empty and a bit sad at the same time. You'll get through this, however. You always do.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

You have gone through a world of change since the last time you and your ex were together. Both of you have changed your lives to such a degree that you could say that 'going your own way' was actually something that worked out for both of you. You are content with who you are right now, and they seem to be loving their life, their way, as well. You have both seen the fire and the healing and now all you have for each other is respect and melancholic love.

On December 6, 2023, during the transit of Moon square Mercury, you're going to see that you get together with your ex for reasons that have nothing to do with love or romance. It seems that the friendship you once shared still gives you both a world of good to this day. Being together sparks memories of the past when you were both able to fully engage in the projects you used to love spending time doing together.

It will be during this transit that you feel the pangs of 'what would it be like to get back together?' You know that this is impossible and that your ex is already in another relationship, and one that they are committed to, but you can't help but wonder what it would be like to start this thing up again. You know that it's not going to happen, but in your heart, you feel that this ex of yours is always going to be the only love of your life.

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