3 Zodiac Signs Need Change In Their Relationships On December 4, 2023

This day could end up being very destructive if we are prone to drama.

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On this day, December 4, 2023, we will all be affected by the transit called Mars square Lilith. While we may definitely feel it most in our love lives, Mars square Lilith isn't limited to romance.

In fact, this day could end up being very destructive if we are prone to drama or overreaction. Let's keep a lid on it today, or at least try as hard as we can to avoid hyped-up drama.

Three zodiac signs will definitely be feeling the pressure of Mars square Lilith, as this transit is here to uproot our sense of who we are and challenge us into thinking that if something is wrong, then we need to make it right.


We will channel this energy into our romantic lives today, and that could make things really difficult for our partners. Yikes.

So, first things first, we're going to decide that something is dreadfully wrong and that it's all on our partners to fix.

We will not see that we need to do anything, as Mars square Lilith has us fixated on the trouble rather than the cause.


The energy of the problem is what takes hold of us, and on this day, December 4, 2023, we will have a hard time grappling with reality. We want change, and we want it now.

Three zodiac signs need change in their love life on December 4, 2023:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

Oh, you want change, alright. In fact, you definitely feel as though your patience has absolutely run dry and if you don't get the change you need, you will blow a gasket for sure. You have seen things in your love life that you are not willing to accept.

The trouble with you is that, even though you think of yourself as this badass who gets to the point and makes things happen, you've started to realize that you've been way too nice, way too lax on your demands.


This is why December 4, 2023, works you to the bone and has you seeing that you're the problem here and it's all because you've been too easygoing on your romantic partner.

In fact, you've let them get away with murder. It will be during the transit of Mars square Lilith that you finally pick yourself up and tell them what the real story is. The truth is, you need change and you need it now. Not tomorrow, not in three weeks from now. NOW.

Your partner has gotten used to you going along with them at their pace, but they've also started to take advantage of the idea that you really do not interfere with them. They see you are kind and compassionate, but what's really going on is that they are taking advantage of your kind nature. Mars square Lilith has you stepping up and letting them know 'it ain't happening.'

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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

Life is already hard enough for you, Virgo, and so when a transit like Mars square Lilith comes by, you feel the need to grab ahold of its energy and make the best of it. In this case, it's all about the actions, or rather the 'lack of' action, that your romantic partner seems to be bringing to the table. You really aren't sure when it started, but all you see is laziness and their inability to get with the program and 'wake up, this is a relationship, not a solo gig!'

Perhaps the two of you have gotten yourself into a slow-moving routine where neither of you wishes to be the inspiration for the other, but all this has gotten you is boredom and apathy. During Mars square Lilith, you'll realize that you're not on board with the whole 'ennui' trip and that you want to change. you don't want 'change' to be 'just words.' You want action.

You'll find that during Mars square Lilith, you are a little quick with the ol' mouth and that what you say may end up sounding a tad caustic.


Thankfully, your partner knows how to roll with your temper and your verbal 'stirrings,' but they need to do more than just roll with it. They need to sign on for change and they need to commit to whatever the two of you can come up with on this day, December 4, 2023.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

You not only feel the need for change in your love life, but you feel like you both need to take another look at what is good in this life that you share and elaborate on. You are both very smart people and you like this about the relationship; you enjoy the banter and the intelligent conversations that you both have. On December 4, 2023, you might miss the fact that you don't engage with each other in the same way as you once did.


This is where your big brains come into play. During the transit of Mars square Lilith, you will be inspired to start a fight. The fight has a purpose and that is to break the ice. Lilith energy may be fiery but it oftentimes has a plan. In your case, Aquarius, the plan is all about finding a way back to that spot where you and your partner can communicate again as you used to.

This day is important and you will make the most of it.

You're going to see that because your partner is smart, like you, they will deal with whatever comes their way. This means that there might be a lot of 'airing of grievances' to come during Mars square Lilith. That's OK. You'd rather have it all out in the open than be repressed and lying on the couch like a lazy person watching mindless TV. You are OK with working for the change you need, and it will happen on this day, December 4, 2023.

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