These 3 Zodiac Signs May Have A Fling Before The Weekend Is Over

It's all positive energy and smiling faces before the weekend is over.

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If there's any day or transit that might have us desiring a fling over the weekend with someone that we've had our eyes. What feels 'casual' and easygoing may very well turn into love and romance, as we're not locked into the idea of 'no commitment.' We are open, but we want to make sure and there is no better transit to support that kind of thinking than Sun trine Moon.



It's all positive energy and smiling faces on this day, so we don't need to fear things like rejection or lack of confidence. While we might not be taking things 'that' seriously, three zodiac signs are going to find that not taking it all too seriously is exactly the right formula for finding love. So, we may want to start something with somebody special on this day, but it may not end here.


What the transit of Sun trine Moon does for us is that it keeps things light and fun. We're not rushing into heavy conversations with people on our first date, and we don't feel the pressure of having to know every detail about them and what they want from the future. What makes this a fairly easygoing and happy day in the romance world is that we approach it in a detached but friendly way.

Three zodiac signs may have a fling before the weekend is over:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

Weekends like this one are really just what the doctor ordered, especially if the doctor is you and you're trying to mend a broken heart. You've figured it out: you want to be loved, but right now, you don't feel like you have enough to give to a person to promise them anything more than a fling, and so one such situation pops up and you see it for what it is ... and you go for it. You are inspired by the transit of Sun trine Moon, as this event helps people heal and move on.


You really don't want to talk about your past with the new person who has just entered your life, and right at the top, you make a 'soft' agreement just to let things be and take it slowly. You feel confident enough not to turn this person off by saying too many times that you aren't into commitment 'as of yet, but you are able to get your point across in a polite but friendly way.

During Sun trine Moon, you may even feel open enough to consider taking the next step ... someday, but there's nothing on you right now that has you feeling you need to let 'them' know. Right now, if you could simply have a fun and respectful fling with this person, you'd be as happy as a clam. You do feel that you've healed to a degree and that the past no longer has its clutches on you. You're doing well, and this day will bring you happiness.

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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)


After what you've been through in love, the last thing you want right now is to dive into a new commitment with someone that you have to get used to all over again. You love the idea of loyalty and commitment, but right now, you are over it. You're feeling good for the first time in a while and you'd like to play the field once again to see what's out there and maybe have a fun fling that ends up making both parties feel good.

You will find that there's a very good chance this opportunity opens to you over the weekend and that with the help of the transit Sun trine Moon, you won't be looking backward. In fact, you worried about that. You wondered if you could ever date again without bringing all your baggage of the past with you. Well, it seems that with the help of Sun trine Moon, you are not only able to do that but you will be doing just that.

This weekend puts you right back into the driver's seat once again in terms of love and romance, only this time, you get to pick and choose who you want and how you want it. You are brave enough to state your truth right at the top of any new meeting, as you know yourself, and you've come to know that speaking one's truth is essential if nobody is to get hurt out of this. Being hurt or hurting someone else is NOT on your agenda.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

While you have always dreamed about that 'one love' and how romantic life you'd like to have with that one person, your personal history shows that not only have you had that 'one love' but that you may have had more than one, which shows you that love isn't a guarantee. Your experience has let you know that love is delightful, but over the weekend, during the transit of Sun trine Moon, you know that you need to take it slow.

Perhaps a fling is on your mind? While things like 'flings' never really stay flings where you are concerned, your attitude is a bit different. You want a fling. You aren't signing on for more than you can handle right now, and you are also conscious of the fact that you want to respect the person you will be with and that you wish to be respected in return. Respect, in this case, means open and honest communication.


This weekend, during the transit of Sun trine Moon, you will feel so good about yourself and your life choices that you will be able to start up a fling with someone, knowing that it's all about 'one day at a time.' You promise nothing and you expect nothing outside of fun, respect and compassion. Right now, you're at the starting gate of something new, and it feels welcoming and acceptable to you — green lights for you, Sagittarius.

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