3 Zodiac Signs Who Need Time To Think Before Committing On November 29, 2023

Moon sextile Jupiter tends to make people want to go-go-go when it comes to love and romance.

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One of the quotes that always accompanies this time of the year is, "It's the most wonderful time of the year." Is it? Well, one thing we do know is that where it is or it isn't, there's a general vibe of good cheer, and it doesn't matter if it's November or December. What we're working with at this time is the idea that everyone 'wants' to be happy, secure and possibly ... in a relationship.

We may find that if we've been in a relationship with someone, that person may want to push it a little too hard when it comes to nailing down a commitment in us. That might be flattering or even something we, ourselves, want ... however, that feeling of being nudged or pushed into something as intense as a seriously committed love relationship is something that three zodiac signs might want to think about before acting on.




What we're looking at here is the transit of Moon sextile Jupiter, which is a fantastic cosmic event that has everyone feeling good about the future. However, it's also the kind of transit that makes us want to 'be sure' about that future.


Yes, we believe, but some of us want to lock it in to feel secure. We may find that on this day, November 29, 2023, our partners push us a little too far. We need to think ... we need a little more time with this one, luv.

Three zodiac signs need time to think before committing on November 29, 2023:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

Oddly enough, you, who loves commitment, might find that on this day, November 29, 2023, the timing on the whole 'commit to me' vibe is all off. Your partner is practically begging you to take it to the next level, and while this is 'kinda-sorta' what you want, you don't want to leap into anything until you feel ready, and during Moon sextile Jupiter, you feel happy ... but not ready. Not ready to commit just yet.

There's also the idea that you want to be the one to bring up the idea of commitment, not them. It's not so much a pride thing but something you want to control ... in a good way. Your life experience has taught you that you have to be the one who decides the major things in your life, and the idea of really hunkering down and living the rest of your life with this one person ... well, that takes thinking.


The one thing you have learned is that you have the right to take your time and go at your own pace. You will be the one who decides when the time is right, and you will let your person know that during Moon sextile Jupiter on November 29, you still need time to work it out. You are honest with them and you will tell them that yes, you love them, but that you still need time to figure out what you want to do.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

While it may be the most wonderful time of the year, you still aren't necessarily sure that you want to walk into the new year with a commitment on your hands. Yes, you are very happy with the person you are presently in a relationship with, but you don't want to feel pressured to commit to something that you aren't completely 'gung-ho' about. You love them, but as it stands, on November 29, during Moon sextile Jupiter, you aren't ready to commit to them.


That's not to say you won't, as you might go for it as soon as the new year begins. The one thing that bugs you about commitment right now is the feeling of being pressured to do so as if your commitment is supposed to be some kind of holiday gift that only you can give. You'd rather let nature take its course and present the idea to you naturally; you really aren't the kind who takes pressure well.

Because Moon sextile Jupiter inspires optimism in us, you'll feel good about remaining 'as is' in this romance. You feel there's nothing you need to do at the moment because what you have with this person is so good as it is. What you fear is that if you don't say a rousing YES, your partner will start to resent you, and that would just be so unfair. Well, here's hoping for the best, Libra!

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)


While being in a relationship that seals off the boundaries and lets you both know that you are exclusively tied to the other person sounds ... OK, to you, you're really not in the right mindset to 'seal that deal' right now. On November 29, 2023, you will see that your partner wants more than you are willing to give and that, while you're ready to provide them with almost anything, you're still not sold on the commitment thing.

They feel great about it, of course, and that's because the transit of Moon sextile Jupiter tends to make people want to go-go-go when it comes to love and romance. They believe in the future of your relationship together, and while you might feel the same, you aren't sure you want to nail it down just yet. Are things not good enough as they are at present? You thought so, though you knew this kind of thing would eventually come up.

So, during Moon sextile Jupiter, you'll see that your partner's enthusiasm is through the roof while yours is content to stay at ground level. You are not about to commit to anyone right now, and even if you love this person madly and passionately, you don't see any reason to commit just yet. You feel they need to understand this and that you're not bolting; you're just not saying yes to commitment.


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