3 Zodiac Signs Will Have Rough Horoscopes The Rest Of The Week

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zodiac signs with a rough week

Three zodiac signs may experience a rough week once the Moon enters Aries on November 22. We're looking at how the astrology of Moon square Mars affects three specific zodiac signs, how it will take us through the dark and return us into the light. There's nothing to fear but fear itself and this week will have us owning this cliche, as it truly is a truth and a lesson well worth knowing.

Beginning November 22 we will see the Moon square Mars, which sets us off immediately on a hunt for truth and all it comes with. With Mars sextile Pluto occurring the very next day, we may find that the truths we uncover are possibly too much for us to take and that we may wish to cover our eyes.



As the Moon enters Aries and the Sun goes into Sagittarius season on Wednesday, we will emerge from our lessons ready and able to tackle what we know lies ahead. With the Moon opposite Venus and Moon trine Mercury following in closely, we are going to have to accept certain things in our love lives.

 As we round out with Mars in Sagittarius and Moon opposite Mars, we may get the idea that while things didn't work out according to plan, they are still going to work out. Fire up that courage, zodiac signs. It's time to party.

Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes the rest of the week:

1. Gemini, you could feel angry.

What you know is that you will do whatever it takes to get through this week, and as the truth comes fast and furious, so will your ability to understand your ability to adapt under duress. What you might find happening when the Moon square Mars, is that you are able to utilize your anger rather than push it aside. While people will tell you not to let your anger eat you up, you'll be the one to decide when it's time to rest your anger and when to use it as fuel.

You feel as though you've been taken advantage of, and perhaps you have been lied to, as well. During transits like Mars square Saturn towards the end of the week, you'll end up more angry at yourself for being such a fool. You won't beat yourself up over it, as you know. It just means that you have to be even more vigilant in the future. This week isn't so much rough as it is hardcore, where the lessons are concerned.

You will learn your lessons well this week, Gemini, as you always do, but you'll also be able to channel that anger and frustration into creativity ... as you always do. You aren't someone who sees pain as the end but rather as the means to an end. In your case, you could end up taking your painful lessons of the week for the purpose of creating something amazing out of them.

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2. Cancer, you may feel helpless.

You feel as though you're not going down without a fight, and while this may or may not have anything to do with your romantic life, what you will want to do before the week is over is stand up for yourself in ways that make you look like a force to be reckoned with. Every so often, you let that beast out of its cage, and you only do it when it's necessary. During Mars in Sagittarius, you'll see that ... it's necessary.

As we approach Sagittarius season, you feel better and better about everything in life, and that's exactly why you need to assert yourself now, this week so that nobody gets in your way. You want to enjoy the rest of the month and you want to walk out of the year feeling strong and proud. In order to do this, you'll incorporate this week's transits of Mars sextile Pluto and Moon square Pluto. Tough love is the way it goes this week, Cancer.

You don't care at this point what other people think of you or if they think you need an attitude adjustment. Let them worry about their attitudes. You are not in the market to hear other people out. You've done your time in the prison of other people's opinions and this week, you've declared yourself a break from caring. Mars square Saturn seals the deal and lets you feel good about yourself, no matter how ornery you may get.

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3. Leo, you might feel a bit moodier than usual

Sagittarius season starts on November 22 and you are all there for it. As a fire sign yourself, you know what these seasons can bring you if you're courageous enough to step up and receive what is yours. There's a lot of Mars energy going on this week, Leo, and the rest of the week you're going to find that you're in a 'take no prisoners' kind of mood. This implies that you'll be taking the fast track to all answers. If you ask a question, you're not waiting around for anyone to think it out first.

You are impatient and testy during the entire week, and while you know your aim is true and that you're not here to hurt anyone, you are still not in a tolerant mood. If you come across someone who can't take your pace, your style or your forceful attitude, then let them eat cake. You just don't have it in you to deal with anyone who isn't on your level, and your level this week is in the fast lane.

Your love life is something you really don't want to have to deal with as you're starting to see your romantic partner as someone who is constantly complaining, rather continuously showing their support. This may be the week where you and this person tell each other off because, with Moon trine Mercury at hand, your partner may not be able to keep their grievances to themselves. Your ear is wanted this week, and there's a good chance you'll shut down rather than listen well. 

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