3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Feel Betrayed By Love Over The Weekend

Is Moon conjunct Pluto really responsible for such a dastardly deed?

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When we see such a headline as '3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Be Betrayed during Moon conjunct Pluto,' how can we think there's a way to predict such a thing with any kind of accuracy?

Is the transit of Moon conjunct Pluto really responsible for such a dastardly deed?

We need to break it down in order to understand what's going on here and why we need to be aware of the mysterious power behind the transit of Moon conjunct Pluto.


What happens to us, mainly to three zodiac signs specifically, is that this transit heightens our awareness of the things in our life that we are already sensitive about.

That automatically implies that if we're looking for trouble, we are going to find it. If we've felt doubtful about ... our lovers or the loyalty of our friends, we will investigate further.


We act on impulse and instinct during Moon conjunct Pluto, and because we seek to find something that we believe to be wrong, we end up finding out not only what's wrong but how devastatingly wrong it really is. We discover that we've been betrayed, and that is because we set out to find this news on our own.

Three zodiac signs who will be betrayed over the weekend:

1. Leo, you expected more honesty than you received.

There's something twisted going on. While some of it is your own doing, what you'll be discovering is that you've been lied to and betrayed. What you did to find out this information was that you pushed it too hard. You needed to know and so you forced yourself into the heart of it all, and where ignorance may be bliss, knowledge is, indeed, in your case, a burden.

During the transit of Moon conjunct Pluto, you will carry the burden of truth on your shoulders and it will look like two people in your life are lying to you and being discovered. Your sleuthing skills are great. You are insightful and demanding. However, you might now know how intricate this betrayal really is or how long it's been going on, all unbeknownst to you. It comes as a shock, and even though you had your suspicions, you never thought it went 'this deep.'



So, you're not getting out of it without swallowing a terrible truth about two people in your life. During Moon conjunct Pluto, you'll know that you've been betrayed, that it's worse than you imagined and that this could be the beginning of a whole new outlook on life for you, Leo. What you might have thought of as something you could get over looks to be something you might never get over.


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2. Virgo, you realize the person you love has changed.

What Moon conjunct Pluto brings into your life is the idea that you might be right all along about something you really did not want to have to face in reality. This transit pushes you towards the truth about something you have tried to deny, and that is that you are being betrayed as we speak. Right now, the very worst of it is taking place. It's real, and you can no longer pretend that everything is OK.

This weekend will go down as the time you broke up with the person who destroyed your idea of love. Yes, it's that dramatic, and while the future is not bleak and you will definitely get yourself back and in perfect working order again, you certainly don't feel anything but hurt and angry. During Moon conjunct Pluto, you feel burdened by the truth. You now know what's going on, and there's no going home.



You may feel a shier of coldness creep into your heart; that's how you protect yourself. Being betrayed doesn't come with a handbook. It just happens and then you have to scramble for relief in whatever way you find it. During the transit of Moon conjunct Pluto, you won't be able to avoid confronting the hard truth, and that truth states that you have been lied to and betrayed.


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3. Capricorn, the mask came off and the writing is on the wall.

What brings you is a confirmation of all your past suspicions. You've been betrayed but this is no new news to you. You knew all along that something wasn't right in your romance and that your partner always seemed a bit shady. You wanted to trust them and believe in them. You certainly did have your share of great times together. That nagging suspicion was always there, and this weekend, you will see the 'man behind the curtain,' so to speak.

During the transit of Moon conjunct Pluto, you are more apt to want to know the truth more than you did in the past. What always stuck around as suspicion is realized as truth and that truth is so ugly and heartbreaking that you can hardly bear it. So, this is what betrayal trauma feels like. It's not something you want to experience twice in a lifetime, that's for sure. Your heart will be heavy, even if you know you'll be over it in time.


The concept of 'time heals all wounds' is there in theory for you, but emotionally, you won't be there for a while. What you'll discover is the knowledge that you've not only been betrayed but that you've been played for a fool. While nobody wants to be anyone else's fool, this is a truth you'll have to swallow. It's a bitter pill, indeed. So sorry, Capricorn. 

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