3 Zodiac Signs Realize The Person They Love May Not Feel The Same Way On November 11

During the Scorpio Moon, we feel entitled to great romance and passion.

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Three zodiac signs may experience unrequited love before the weekend is over, and there's nothing harder than to love someone who does not feel the same way.

If there's any kind of problem with today, it's that on this day, November 11, we tend to act like brats because the Scorpio Moon can bring that out in us, especially in three zodiac signs specifically.

We want what we cannot have today, and when that means we can't have the person we want, romantically, we get sulky ... and who doesn't love a sulky adult who pouts and demands attention?




During the Scorpio Moon, we feel as though we are owed some kind of 'great life' that is filled with romance and passion. Well, welcome to Earth, as that is what we all think we're in line for. Having a life filled with romance and passion is not unheard of, but we've also come to know that the more romance and passion we have, the greater our risk of heartache becomes.


On November 11, we're willing to take that risk if only we would be offered the chance to take a risk to take. What this day shows us is that, during the Scorpio Moon, the one we love is nowhere to be found, and we try as we may to reach out to them. They really aren't into us at all. We want the unrequited love we can't have. For these three zodiac signs, that creates a very frustrating and sad (pouty) day.

Three zodiac signs who love someone that doesn't feel the same on November 11:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

Of all the signs here today, you probably didn't think yours would be on the list, and yet here you are, and you know deep inside that your love life is not working out as planned. The person you are present with was someone you trusted with your life, and you truly imagined yourself going down the path with them, as you believed this person was indeed the one who loved you more than anyone else ... the one who would love you forever.

On November 11, 2023, during the Scorpio Moon, you're going to be very in touch with your inner feelings, and they won't lie to you.


What you'll come to understand as the truth is that the one you love is just mediocre to their core and that whatever excellence you thought they had in them was just your projection. They have been incrementally going bad on you, and all the love that you once saw in them ... is no longer love. It's just 'something else.'

What you want out of this person is something that, on this day, November 11, 2023, is something you realize is never going to happen and certainly not on the passionate level you have in mind. This is highly disappointing to you, and it puts you in a terrible mood. You don't like having to think that you've put all this time into a person only to watch them turn into a disinterested party right before your eyes. They just can't give you the love you want. It's sad, but it's true.

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2. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)


The last thing you expected was to be rejected on this day, November 11, but with the Scorpio Moon in the sky, it will become all too clear that that's exactly what's going on. You think of yourself as someone who can successfully attract a person into your life with your looks and your manifestation skills. Because you believe in yourself (as you should), you don't imagine the outcome to be anything other than what you have in mind, which is success.

So, on a day like today, due to the transit of the Scorpio Moon, you will get to see how your master plan has failed you at first.

You might think that this person is mistaken, or rather, that you've mistaken their rejection. No, they are really rejecting you, and the upside is that they aren't doing it in a hostile or mean way; they are simply deciding not to be with you. This is something you did not expect to happen, and it seriously puts you off.

It's hard enough for you to understand why anyone would reject you, especially because you offer so much. While your offerings are plentiful and amazing, it's during the Scorpio Moon that you — and many others — find out that not everyone is everyone's cup of tea. You are just not the right one for the person you like, and they will believe they are doing you a favor by telling you this straight out. They don't mince words because they don't want to waste your precious time.


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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

During the Scorpio Moon, you are a little more sensitive than usual, and so when you find out that the person you've had a massive crush on is not interested in you, you might go out of your way to take it the wrong way. For some reason, on November 11, you can't just take the hint. You have to make it into a gigantic mess of understanding, and perhaps this happens because you don't know what to do with your emotional response to being turned down.

You don't like being turned down, and while nobody does, you feel insulted and overly hurt by this person's lack of interest in you romantically. You feel they are making a huge mistake, and you might actually be the one who takes that idea and furthers it by acting out and forcing yourself on this person.


You want to insist that they love you, and that only makes you look like and feel like a fool. The more you push, the more they want to get away from you. This isn't going to work.

What's at the heart of it all is that you got ahead of yourself, and now you have this unbearable disappointment to deal with. You aren't in the right place, right now, to try and understand why they would reject you, and you can't even begin to figure out that the reason might be very simple: you're just not their type. Rather than accept this cruel fate and deal with it, you make it worse during the Scorpio Moon, as you feel entitled to more and better.

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