3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes For November 14, 2023

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zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on november 14, 2023

On November 14, 2023, three zodiac signs will need to watch their steps, or rather, their words, as this day comes packed with a transit that can take even the most innocent of sentences and have them come out the wrong way. We might mean well during Moon conjunct Mercury — in fact, we DO mean well — however, we tend to get ahead of ourselves when it comes to communication.

Today is the day when we say something the wrong way, and the person we say it to confronts us on it, which ... terrifies us and has us backtracking ... even lying to their face.

The three zodiac signs that will blurt, spurt and blunder will not want to be held accountable for what we say, and we'll dance around the idea that we ever meant anything snide with our comments.



The truth is, though ... we do mean something snide. Today's transit, Moon conjunct Mercury, creates in us a desire to be passive-aggressive, which means we'll say rude things, pretend they mean nothing, get confronted on our nerves, back down and get nowhere in the process. We are frustrated with our own lives, and so we take it out on others, and then we pretend we 'didn't mean it' after we say something rude to them. 

Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on November 14, 2023:

1. Virgo: you feel frustrated

Because you tend to let your frustrations get the better of you, during the transit of Moon conjunct Mercury on November 14, 2023, you may find that you can't help but vent some of those frustrations in such a way that you seem to be blaming someone in your life for causing them. There are no gray areas where this is concerned, meaning you aren't thinking about them or how they will react to what you say to them; you'll just spew it and be done with it.

You'll feel so much better after you say something to upset that person. Yet, when you see that you've really hurt them or stunned them, you'll be upset with yourself for being so casually nasty. You know this about yourself, Virgo; you know that you cannot control your mouth sometimes. During Moon conjunct Mercury, that's when you'll let it rip. You'll regret that you did because you'll see just how mean you can be — and it doesn't look good.



What really makes this day rough for you is that you know you didn't have to go that far, and yet you did. You may even try to convince the person you hurt that you didn't mean it and that, "You know me, just ignore me when I get like that ..." once your words leave your mouth and are heard, they mean something to the person that gets hit by them. You can't take this back; you can only hope to watch your mouth in the future. It's important.

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2. Libra: you say the wrong thing

Because you are known for your polite manner and charming ways, you sometimes drop a bomb made of words on to an unexacting friend or romantic partner. On this day, November 14, 2023, during the transit of Moon conjunct Mercury, you will be leveling the field with your insults. You may try to laugh it off, explaining to the person you insult that you didn't mean it to come off that harshly. Yet, you fully did intend for it to sound as bad as it did.

At first, during Moon conjunct Mercury, you'll believe that you are actually trying to be helpful and that 'tough love' is the only way to get through to this person. Then, at some point during the day, you'll realize that all you are is mean-spirited and unfair. The person you will tell off most certainly didn't deserve that kind of delivery from you. What you'll notice happening is that, with one look in their eyes, you'll know that you've lost their trust in you.

Wow, well, you certainly didn't think it would go that far. Can't they take a joke? Perhaps, if what you said was a joke, they might be able to take it. However, what you said was not a joke. In fact, it was a biting remark that was meant to sting them. You don't like thinking that you could hurt a person, but in a passive-aggressive way, that's exactly what you wanted to do. Now, during Moon conjunct Mercury, you feel bad about it.

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3. Scorpio: you're in a bad mood

You know you can be mean, and you aren't proud of it, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're about to stop any time soon. On November 14, 2023, you'll be letting go of a little steam and that will look like you are telling someone in your life that they are a failure in your eyes when it comes to love, romance and coming through for them. That's right; you are downright mean, and during Moon conjunct Mercury, you're going to do your worst.

You don't like being mean. In fact, you've tried to keep your nasty tongue to yourself, as you've hurt people in the past. But, you are also that person who 'only hurts the one they love' and being that the person you are in a relationship with is the one closest to you and the most vulnerable, you'll go for their throat, knowing that you'll regret it afterward. You just can't help yourself. In order to feel good about yourself, you have to make someone else feel inferior.

You see this as a character flaw, something you know you have to work on, and yet, when the beast wants to snarl, it just ... does. Today is not your happiest day, and mostly because you'll see something in yourself that you wish never showed itself. You do not want to hurt the person you love, and you'll apologize afterward. However, the damage will be done by then.

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