How This Week's Astrology Forecast Brings Luck To Love For All Zodiac Signs

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zodiac signs who are luckiest in love this week

We've been hearing about the New Moon in Scorpio and how it could be crucial for us in terms of making big decisions and finally getting ourselves to the place where we know what we're doing with our lives.

Because Scorpio energy is partially responsible for intelligent choices, when coupled with the New Moon, which is the ultimate 'hinge' on which decisions are made, one way or another, we know that we're starting this week out on a very positive and hopeful note.

This week brings us hope in the form of a Sagittarius Moon, Mercury sextile Venus and Moon trine Jupiter. While there are many other factors at play here, we're going to notice that while we're making all those great 'New Moon in Scorpio' life-changing decisions, we're working with the power of love.



Everything we do is for the sake of love during the various astrological changes taking place this week. While we all know that love isn't always the easiest of things to maintain, we will come to know that during this week, our efforts are worthwhile and honorable. We tried very hard this week to raise our vibration, and we succeeded. These three zodiac signs will know the meaning of love ... and luck.

How this week's astrology forecast brings luck to love for all zodiac signs:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

You may not feel as though all the luck in the world is on your side, but as the week progresses, you'll start getting the hint. The entire purpose was for you to understand 'why' things are working out for you, especially when you started to believe all was lost in terms of your love life and relationship. That Scorpio New Moon was like a jump start for your understanding, and what the week will bring you is a clear picture as to why you need to stay with the one you are with.

The Sagittarius Moon trine Jupiter allows you to feel as though you can trust in your gut feeling; that's not always the case with you. While you'd like to think you always follow your heart, you tend to doubt even your intuition at times. 

It seems that when the Moon enters Sagittarius, you will be re-routed and on track again. What you feel about your loved one is a deep feeling of commitment and trust. You may not even understand why you veered off track as much as you did ... but this week puts you back on.

You'll see how Sun conjunct Mars powers you up for things like standing your ground in arguments with your romantic partner, but with the helpful 'softening' of Moon trine Venus coming at the same time, your approach won't be hostile or off-putting. In other words, one of the things that brings you and your partner closer together is your sense of balance. You are strong-willed and fierce, but you aren't on 'the attack,' and that helps tremendously.

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

You've got a lot going for you, Leo, and so much of it has to do with the many Venus transits that sparkle in your favor. It seems that for every adverse transit, there is an equal and opposite reaction transit that makes everything you engage in worthwhile. You can be quite argumentative sometimes, and of course, you like to 'win' each time. You aren't fond of learning lessons the hard way, especially when it's your romantic partner doing the teaching.

However, during transits like Mars trine Neptune and Sun trine Neptune, coming your way on November 17 - 18, you're going to see that not only is 'all fair in love and war' but that you really do have a lot to learn from your partner.

This person is deep and has a profound mind that you can learn from. If you can push aside your pride and just admit that your partner is not there solely for your entertainment, then you might just learn something amazing from them.

Where all of this goes is into a place of peace, provided to both of them via the Aquarius Moon towards the end of the week. At that point, all you've spoken about, argued over and discussed in detail will fall into place and feel very meaningful. It's a very lucky week for you, Leo, as your love life will go through the highs and the lows, resulting in a smooth ending that will make both of you feel very secure and happy.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

That Moon's energy has you immediately jumping to attention as you are not feeling lazy, nor are you about to miss out on any opportunity. You feel strong and positive about everything, and the irony is that you probably haven't even been considering a love life as part of the equation. Yet, this week, with its many lunar and Venus transits, will put you smack dab in the place where love needs to find you.

Now, that truly is an irony, as you might have 'given up' on love, and yet, your attitude towards life, in general, seems to have opened the gates to love.

You thought those gates were permanently shut, and yet, you may find that you will surprise yourself this week with your reaction to a certain person. Perhaps this is the perfect example of 'give it up, get it all.' You thought love was no longer a part of your life, and boom! Here it comes.

And ... it feels good, it feels hopeful, and while this is weird to you, transits like the Sagittarius Moon and the Moon square Jupiter have you considering that 'it ain't over 'til it's over.' You may 'think' you've got it all under control, but life just happens. Now, you're going to find that things like love and romance are still a part of your karmic experience. Good luck, and stay open, Sagittarius. You never know ...

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