3 Zodiac Signs May Plan To End A Relationship On November 13, 2023

This is a day of thinking, of planning, and of weighing the value of our thoughts.

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If we find that on this day, November 13, 2023, we want to break up with our romantic partners, let's first know this: this is a desire and not necessarily something that will come to pass. This is a day of thinking, of planning and of weighing the value of our thoughts.

Are we being too precipitous? Is this the right move? All of this hits us during the transit of Moon square Saturn.

There are three zodiac signs here today who have been mulling over the idea of ending it with their partners. Now, this may have been going on for some time, and as we all know, just because we think about it doesn't necessarily mean we're going to act on it. This is especially true during Moon square Saturn, as Saturn's energy is all about evaluating for the truth.




This could be a great day to have that well-needed talk with a partner who is clueless as to what we're thinking about. We have to be very honest with ourselves today. 

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Do we want this to end, or is this just an indulgence of the mind? Are we ready to take responsibility for actually going through with it, or is this something that simply ruminates in the mind and goes nowhere else? These three zodiac signs will have something to say about it.

Three zodiac signs plan to end a relationship on November 13, 2023:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

OK, you know that this has been on your mind for a while now. The real problem here is that you love the person you are with, and you feel that they are no longer holding up their end of the bargain in terms of the relationship. You don't want to have to stop loving them. In fact, you can't ... it's just the way it is. One of the other 'ways that it is' is that they have become these lazy losers who can't carry their weight.

During Moon square Saturn on November 13, 2023, you will know that you have to make this real or stick around like a glutton for punishment for the rest of your life. Your love for this person is what's keeping you from ending it, but ending it seems to be the only realistic option if you're not to tear your hair out, as well as give them your entire bank account. Yes, that's right; they are a financial burden as well. You have enough weight to carry, just trying to survive.


Your partner loves you back, and that makes it even more difficult because now you have guilt cementing you to the scene. It's not working, and you know it. You think about breaking up with this person every single day, but you're also scared of certain realities, like ... where will you go? How will you live without them? How will they live without you? You have a long way to go if you are ever to feel complete with the idea of breaking up, Taurus.

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

In the past, you've acted on impulse, and you've paid the price for such a radical act. You know now that simply because you 'feel' something, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to act on it. What you feel today, November 13, 2023, during the transit of Moon square Saturn, is the need to walk away from the partnership that you and your person have built over the years. It just doesn't feel good anymore, and you have considered ending it.


Saturn energy, thankfully, helps you to put the details of this relationship into perspective. While you are still finding it hard to accept your partner as they are, you aren't quite sure that leaving them is the right choice ... for either one of you. You have thought about it and ruminated over it for a long time, and the idea of breaking up may just end up as a fantasy for you, Leo.

While that doesn't exactly make anything better, it does give you pause so that you don't rush into anything in the way that you used to do. Impulsive reactions only end up with terrible consequences and you aren't here to hurt your partner or yourself. You want to take your time with this decision, but the truth is, it's a choice you consider almost daily. During Moon square Saturn, it feels just a little more pressing than usual.

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3. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)


You have a secret: you are ready to let go of your partner. While you depend on this person for many things and you share so much of your life with them, you have this secret thought in you that knows that, if push comes to shove, you really don't care if you break up. That doesn't mean you will be breaking up, but during the transit of Moon square Saturn on November 13, 2023, you will know in your heart that you don't care, one way or another.

Life is convenient with this person — passionless but convenient. They aren't a bad person, and they have never done anything to damage you or the relationship seriously. It's just that you're bored of them, and you don't see how anything is ever going to change. You can live your life out with them, never seeing a high or a low, and while there are times when that bothers you greatly, you've also slipped into the ennui that defines the relationship itself.

You think about breaking up with your partner all the time. During Moon square Saturn, you may even think it's a better idea to go through with it, but you won't. Life is just too comfortable as it is with this person, even if they bore you to death. Perhaps you bore them to death, too, and that's just what your romance is about now. It's not even sad ... it's yours. Yours to do with as you wish, Virgo.


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