3 Zodiac Signs Want A Noncommittal Love Affair On November 13, 2023

Been there, done that and we are now ready for a little peace.


There's only one legit reason as to why three zodiac signs crave a 'no strings attached' love affair on November 13, 2023. That is because these people  — meaning "US" — have been there, done that and we are now ready for a little peace and freedom from the hassles that come with commitment. Right now, at least.



During today's transit, the New Moon in Scorpio, it's quite easy to imagine ourselves getting together with someone without the strings, papers, documents and contracts that come with simply being in a relationship with someone. We just want it easy today, and with the energy that comes with the New Moon in Scorpio, making that choice is just as easy.


This is, after all, a New Moon, and when this lunar phase joins us, we go one way or another, and in this case, we go the way of the free spirit. Three zodiac signs will put their foot down when it comes to playing along. We know what we want, and we know what we don't want. While everything is subject to change, today is for doing it our way. Our way is the 'no strings attached' way. Love it or leave it, those are the rules.

Three zodiac signs who want a love that's noncommittal on November 13, 2023

1. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

You are just as into being in a full-time, long-term, committed relationship as you are into being in a no-strings-attached relationship. Still, as of today, November 13, 2023, you'll opt for the latter because the way you're life is presenting itself to you these days, you feel the safer and better option is to keep it light. During the New Moon in Scorpio, you'll be all too happy to get into something with someone, as long as it  is noncommittal


Fortunately for you, you are able to communicate your needs to the person you want to be with, and in this way, there will be no surprises later on. You aren't leading anyone on during the New Moon in Scorpio; you are upfront and honest, but that doesn't mean you're cold and calculating. No, in fact, you are quite warm and loving. You simply don't want to make a huge big deal out of being in a relationship right now.

November 13, 2023, has you feeling good about yourself simply because you like telling the truth. You like being able to say to the person you are with that you are not committed to anything, and you like it even more when they respond to you with appreciation. Being honest is everything today, Libra, and it will certainly allow you the freedom you need to be 'you' at this point in your life. New Moon energy is about choice: you choose to avoid commitment. That is fine.

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2. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)


You are more than willing to get into a deeply romantic, committed relationship with someone, but the one thing you know about yourself is that you don't want to leap in without knowing the person first. So, that is how November 13, 2023, presents itself to you; you have someone in your life who shows potential. The potential isn't the end product, so, being a person who values their judgment, you want to keep a certain amount of distance while getting to know this person.

During the New Moon in Scorpio, you are not interested in giving this person the wrong impression of you. Yes, you are loving and generous, but you are also very, very self-protective, and you aren't about to lay it all on the line — just yet. November 13 represents a middle point for you. You will hop off that fence when you feel you are ready, and at no point sooner than that. Right now, you must uphold a noncommittal attitude. You are honest with your feelings, and you hope those feelings are respected.

This is a trial and error period for you and your present partner. It's all OK, and it may end up in something blissful arrangement. As for now, during the New Moon in Scorpio, you are keeping your options open. You're not leaving them, but you are not giving them the impression that they own you, either. You'll do what you do at your own pace. This is your life, and you've always been this way, Sagittarius.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

The idea of being in a tightly knit, super committed relationship sounds just wonderful to you ... on your terms. Right now, you don't see those terms as being available, as you are presently still trying to figure out if the person you are with is 'commitment material.' During the New Moon in Scorpio on November 13, 2023, you will be completely aware of what you're doing. Your person is ready to get into something more stable, and you realize this. Are you? Not so much.

You'd rather just play around for a while and have your fun. That's not a terrible thing, either, as you are not here to hurt anyone. Plus, there's the fact that you are upfront and honest with your intentions. Sure, you may sign on for something heavier later on in the relationship, but as of now, nope. As of now, you want to keep it light as 'light' is the only thing you can handle. This is your choice, and choice means everything to you, Aquarius.


You'll find that on November 13, during the New Moon in Scorpio, you will have no problem whatsoever getting your point across. After you say what's on your mind, it truly will be up to your partner to either accept your terms or reject them. If they reject you, you'll be disappointed, but that's only because you want to get to know them better. Still, you give them the choice that you want to hold on to for yourself, and that is only fair. You are a fair person, and you don't lie to yourself or anyone.

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